5 Cool Ways to Rediscover Your Hometown

When we move out of our hometown to start working in the big city or simply to build another life elsewhere, we leave behind a lifetime of experiences that formed us into the people we are today. Time travelling to the place where you grew up inevitably involves a new perspective so take advantage of the resources you currently have to make the most of each trip back to your hometown. These 5 cool ways to rediscover your hometown are the starting point to your way back home where your wanderlust all began.

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1. Retrace your footsteps

Take a walk through paths you used to when you were younger; try to relive old memories and make new ones. You can start rediscovering your hometown by doing things you never did before, but rediscovering involves seeing the familiar in a new light and being changed by the experience. If you don’t know where to start when you’re back in your hometown, retracing your life is a good starting point and will involve deepening your ties with things familiar to you.

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2. Make the effort

Learn and rediscover your hometown’s history. Every town no matter how small will keep records of their past: relics, clippings, and mementos from their history. A travel will be complete with a trip to your local library, tourism agency or office, or even an official website to immerse yourself in the art, culture, and offerings of your hometown.

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3. Try something new

There may be something you missed the first time you were around your neighborhood, be it a small bookstore, a hidden restaurant, a secret park or enclave. Whatever it is, it’ll pay to visit them at least once so make a checklist of the things you had not done before and try to do them this time. Try out a new kind of cuisine, etc.; explore every nook and cranny of your hometown to discover more treasures.

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4. Talk to your fellows

A place isn’t a hometown without people. You may have talked to all your childhood friends and relatives, but there are a lot of people left in your town that can give you untapped information and serve as living resources on the very things you want to discover about your hometown. The elderly can tell tales dating back to their time. Join a social group based on your interests where you can meet new people and learn from them and their stories.

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5. Attend a community event or start a gathering

Many towns in our place, and probably in yours as well, celebrate as a single community any variety of special events, occasions, and even people. This is the perfect opportunity to feel like a traveller again on the verge of discovery: actually doing something on your journey. From fun town fests to foundation parades to special holidays, if you exert yourself you may stumble upon a small exhibit or fair, market, late-night performance that’ll add colour to your itinerary and make you feel connected to your hometown community.

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A home may one day feel different especially when you’re all grown up and have outgrown the leisurely ways of children or no longer greet experiences as you used to. Ideally, we advance in years and experience, and the more we travel around the world the more we should be able to understand our hometown in cool ways we never thought of in the past. The experience can be more meaningful now that you’re older and can appreciate your hometown’s heritage – as long as you approach travel with an open outlook.

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4 thoughts on “5 Cool Ways to Rediscover Your Hometown

  1. Dylan Kimbell

    I rarely go back home I don’t consider that travel. When I do, I’ll keep these in mind, lol.

  2. Penelope Sta. Ana

    I went back to Milwaukee. We’re migrated, but it always bring back memories . Fun and happy time.

  3. Zenaida Welt

    Our hometown makes me think of shoebox memories. It’s always an interesting thought.


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