5 Places Horror Fans Need to Visit

5 Places Horror Fans Need to Visit

I’m sure a lot of you readers are a fan of horror movies. Cold, stormy nights are best spent at home with a hot cup of choco and a thriller/slasher/psychological film playing at full blast. People just love being scared! The chills and goosebumps caused by these horrifying films are activate our primal fears of the unknown, without actually putting yourself in danger.

Hardcore horror fans, however, feel the need to up their fear game. These thrill seekers actually go to places with dark histories and creepy stories. If you’re a fan of the macabre with a strong desire to travel, then steel your nerves and book a trip to these 5 places:

  1. The Museum of Death

Places Horror Fans Need to Visit - Museum of Death

Death has always been our ultimate fear. It is also the primary theme that horror movies revolve around. If you’re captivated by the things that happen beyond the veil, then come visit The Museum of Death. Found in Hollywood, California, this morbid museum displays items like real photos from the infamous Black Dahlia Murder Case, torture devices, coffins, and even the real severed head of French serial killer Henri Désiré Landru a.k.a. The Bluebeard of Paris.

    1. The Catacombs of Paris

      Places Horror Fans Need to Visit - Catacombs of Paris


Somewhere beneath Paris, France lies a complex network of tunnels that holds the skeletal and mummified remains of over six million humans. Back in 1774, city officials faced overcrowding problems in their cemeteries. This issue was solved by transferring the bodies of the deceased into the reinforced tunnels to make room for new bodies in their cemeteries. Centuries later, it became a famous tourist attraction.

    1. Aokigahara Forest

      Places Horror Fans Need to Visit - Suicide Forest


The Aokigahara Forest in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan has been nicknamed “Suicide Forest” by locals due to the hundreds of suicide victims found within the area. The forest had been an unofficial tourist attraction mainly due to the stories circulating the forest. According to some, countless “yurei” or angry spirits roam the forest waiting for its next victim. If, for some reason, you were to visit this place, you’ll notice several signages urging visitors not to end their lives. Macabre, indeed.

    1. The Amityville House

      Places Horror Fans Need to Visit - The Amityville House


No real horror fan would be caught dead without having seen the Amityville Horror movie at least once. Found in Long Island, New York is the house wherein Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his parents, two sisters, and two brothers. The tragic event inspired the events behind the Amityville book and the subsequent films.

    1. The Island of the Dolls

      Places Horror Fans Need to Visit - The Island of the Dolls


Dolls and dark forests. A terrifying combination, don’t you think? Unfortunately, a place like that exists and can be found to the south of Mexico City. According to legend, a man put several dolls around the island to appease the angry ghost of a young girl whom he failed to save.

Whether the legend is real or not, this isn’t really a place you would want to be when darkness falls.


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