5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling

Technology and other factors will propel the aviation industry and the airlines and airports to greater heights this 2017. From smarter faster airplanes to an enhanced passenger experience onboard to travelling the globe like a warrior of goodwill, the most prevalent travel trends emerged that shape the face and future of travel. Check out these five travel trends we gathered that are happening in air travel:

1. Lower Prices

5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling low price cabin airfare

What do you think? Airlines are churning out lower and lower airfares this 2017, offering cheaper albeit “ugly” seats, and to more destinations. If that sounds like an attractive prospect, there are some drawbacks aside from the ones we’re already familiar with if we’re flying on the cheap. For one, some airlines will eschew overhead baggage access for such low airfares or have passengers settle with limited seat choices.

2 Clean and Green Tourism

5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling tourism

This year, 2017, has been marked the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. This marks the shift of travellers towards more endangered but culturally rich and even lesser-known world destinations. The trend sees a growing interest in discovering the heritage of valuable and historic places, and of being more aware and involved in their preservation.

3. High Tech

5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling amenities

Fliers will be pleased and relieved to discover their favourite airlines and airports amped up the ante in terms of their service. Air travelling in 2017 feels more luxurious as a consequence. A number of airlines furnish their seats with cool new amenities and features from reclining seats and more.

Meanwhile, airports have been improving their culinary offers, serving locally sourced dishes whereas the airlines themselves also follow the revolution with better inflight dining.

4. Further Developments

5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling app

Travellers had been availing of the manifold wonders of travel apps for a long time. Those apps come in handy, especially when you’re trying to book a flight through your mobile or device. Developments are to enhance the booking experience in a number of ways, from giving you a virtual teaser of your destinations, to the maps, and even voice-directed bookings in the years ahead that’ll change the way travellers plan their trips.

5. Changes

5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling membership

The price of fuel and other factors influence the changes or trends in aviation. Also, with the cheaper airfare, some travellers are accessing more destinations more often. Airlines’ loyalty awards, frequent flier mileage, and elite membership, have lost some of their appeal this year due to their difficulty to redeem or understand, and fliers are receiving the butt end of this stick.

Throughout the years, there had been many trends that emerged in the aviation industry that affect how people travel and how they see and experience travelling, flights and air travel in particular from the airline to airport experience.

Today’s global trotters are becoming more aware of the time they have in this world to make the most of the places that had made history. They are making use of the developments to discover the world in different ways.

5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling aircraftWhat can you say about our reviews on 5 prevalent trends in air travel in 2017? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



4 thoughts on “5 Prevalent Trends in Air Travelling

  1. Free Willy

    I find these these lists very helpful esp. now that the years about to end. Air industry’s changed a lot and we should make the most of what it could offer

  2. Sephora Dizon

    I noticed airlines in the US have cheaper airfare and only this year. This somewhat reflects the trend you talk about.

  3. Jehoshaphat Lin

    We travellers simply getting back to our hometowns are affected by all these trends. It pays to be in the loop, right?

  4. Manuel Bernardino

    I was able to get cheap airfare w/c def. reflects the trends you’re talking about.


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