9 Most Colorful Cities In the World

Colors make the world look a little better and life a lot livelier while some use it to guide themselves in the dark. It’s no wonder that some people in different places around the world try to use colors as indicators, guides and a way of expressing themselves. If you’re having a dull day? Here are some of the Most Colorful Cities in the World to brighten up your day.

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - Canada

The provincial capital of Newfoundland and Labrador has a notable feature – the “Jellybean houses” which is a row of colorful Victorian houses that runs through downtown. These are called “jellybean houses” because of the wild red, blue, yellow and green hues of paint that covers each and every house in town. It is believed that they made the town colorful to cheer up its declining center.

Valparaiso, Chile

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - Chile

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Valparaiso seaport center is hidden behind the colorful, mismatched and vibrant facades are the restaurants, clubs, and shops. Some street artists are quickly turning the streets into an outdoor gallery to express themselves.

Trinidad, Cuba

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - Cuba

The buildings in the 16th century city of Trinidad, in the province of Sancti Spiritus in Cuba, reflects its environment with houses painted in sugarcane green, sunshine yellow, ocean blue and sometimes the colors mixed together in one building.

Rainbow Row, Charleston, South Carolina

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - USA

Standing proudly since the late 1700s are a row of houses covered in Easter egg-colored paint in Charleston that have survived even the Civil War. According to local lore, the pastel-colored exterior of the houses made it easier for drunk sailors to recognize their respective guest houses, while others use these hues as some form of advertising.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The government of Brazil, recruited some Dutch artists to paint the city’s slums, turning them into a striking and memorable project in year 2010, especially in Favela Santa Maria.


Cape Town, South Africa

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - South Africa

Cape Town’s colorful and luxurious houses will surely leave its mark in your memory. It is one of those places where color and luxury blend harmoniously.

Jaipur India

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - India

To celebrate the arrival of the Prince of Wales, Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh ordered to have the city of Jaipur to be tinged in pink. The rosy shade is still visible in the city’s streets and landmarks up to this day.

Via Galuppi, Burano, Italy

9 Most Colorful Cities In the World - Italy

The tiny island of Burano boasts a its technicolor houses painted to distinguish a family’s property when it’s too foggy to see things clearly. Local fisherman painted their houses with bright colors so they can see them while they are out fishing  during the foggy season and easily find their way back home, according to island lore. The practice has now become a law, so whenever someone wants to paint their homes, they must first as for the government’s permission so they can assign its color.



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  1. al

    what a sight! i’m sure living in such colorful places can certainly make someone’s day better

  2. maya

    this cities look like they’re so full of life. i love looking at them and visiting these one day would be a dream come true.

  3. marsha

    the houses look beautiful, but their color shines more during sunset. good article, btw,

  4. Andrea

    the colorful structures are already a pleasant sight and the scenery looks even greater with the help of mother nature.

  5. zeny

    inspiring! I wish i could live in one of these places, or at least visit some of them.


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