Air Berlin Reviews

Air Berlin Reviews

The airline started as a chartered airline in West Berlin at the height of the Cold War in 1978. It was originally called Air Berlin-USA. The airline gained its license to operate in West Germany at  Berlin Tegel Airport. Furthermore, it was not until the reintegration of the two German states in 1989 that Air Berlin went through significant changes and developments due to the rising demand from the aviation market.

With the delivery of Boeing 737-800s aircraft in 2001, the airline reached another milestone and was recognized as the second largest airline in Germany. However, success is always accompanied by hurdles and setbacks. In 2014, the German airline announced a huge loss in the airline’s income in recent years. This greatly affected their restructuring program.  Today, come check out these Air Berlin reviews

The President and CEO

Stefan Pichler is the president and chief executive officer of Berlin Air

Stefan Pichler is the president and chief executive officer of Berlin Air

Stefan Pichler is the president and chief executive officer of Berlin Air. He also serves as the tourism manager of the airline. Born in Munich, Germany, Pichler has a master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Augsburg University.

What people are saying

Air Berlin received a variety of reviews from customers online. Some customers praised the airline for the wonderful service they provided in their flights. Customers were certainly amused with the flight crew for providing excellent customer assistance. Moreover, customers were also delighted with the delicious food they were served, not to mention the in-flight entertainment they experienced. Take note that this is not only in their Business Class but also in their Economy Class.

On the other hand, some customers are not really pleased with the airline service. For instance, customers criticize the airline ticket upgrading system and delayed delivery of customer’s luggage.

Based on the customer’s review from Airline Quality, the airline service seems impressive considering the overwhelming positive reviews. However, we cannot also deny the fact that there are also some negative feedback about the airline’s service, but this are very minimal and can be down-rated.

Air Berlin Website

Air Berlin Reviews WebsiteThe airline website has a very simple but functional design, customers can book their flights using the navigation panel with additional features that can also be used to book hotels and car services. Furthermore, It’ll provide important information about the airline’s policy and services, which will greatly help customers to plan their travel. Learn more about their website here.

Using the Air Berlin mobile app, customers can now easily access the functional website features through their smartphone by downloading the Air Berlin app on Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store. They can  book and check in-flight information at their convenience.

Customer service

For international reservation, customers may call them via 0049-30-3434 3333. They also provide a customer assistance portal in their website, which customers can use to contact the airline. Visit the website here.


Air Berlin has two flight classes: Business Class and Economy Class. Both are available on domestic and international flights. However, business class is only available in international A330-200s aircraft.

Meals and beverages for every flight differ with the flight duration and flight class. In economy class, food is served depending on the length of the flight; for domestic economy flights, passengers are provided with snacks and sandwiches, while international passengers are provided two dishes with hot and cold beverages that’s the same with business class. In addition to that, in-flight entertainment is also available in every flight, depending on the aircraft.

About Air Berlin

Air Berlin Reviews AirplaneAir Berlin is the second largest airline in Germany, next to Lufthansa, with more than 129 aircraft in active service that connect 17 domestic cities in Germany and European metropolis as well as Southern Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas. In addition to that, the airline is also a proud member of the Oneworld Alliance and operates two subsidiary brands; the Australian low cost airline NIKI and the Swiss airline Belair

Contact information

  • Website URL: 
  • Contact number: 0049-30-3434 3333
  • Head Office Address: Berlin, Germany


As per the Air Berlin reviews above, the airline can be likened to those airlines that provide an exceptional service to their passengers. They can be the ultimate dream airline. However, we also recognized that there is no such thing as perfect service, but the airline should somehow address and give importance to customer complaints for a more flexible service.

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