Air Moldova Review

Air Moldova Review

2288623851_a374eb3a89Air Moldova was formally established in 1993. However, its pioneer airlines could be traced back to the foundation of the country’s civil aviation industry in 1947, when Moldova made considerable steps in the development of the local airline industry in the country.

In this Air Moldova review, we give travelers an overview about this European airline. Moreover, we are going to feature some customer feedback on the airline that summarizes the kind of service they provide to their passengers.

Air Moldova received mixed reviews from their previous customers. The airline is well recommended by European travelers for the unique services they provide from departure to arrival. Among these services are the quality of food they offer on-board, which include delectable sandwiches with complimenting beverages. In addition to the great experience, the aircraft of Air Moldova are very well maintained; these also are also installed with comfortable seats.

Despite receiving favorable reviews regarding all the positive aspects of their service, Air Moldova is not spared from some customers’ woes, like the occasional delayed flights. However, after summarizing all the customers’ feedback about the airlines, Air Moldova is still highly recommended by previous passengers to other consumers.

Air Moldova Website

TAXvTgtMeanwhile, Air Moldova’s website is available in numerous localized versions. It also offers an array of features, helpful not only for flight booking, but also on flight management. Passengers can search and book flights using the search panel conveniently, based on customers’ criteria. Aside from that, additional services include web check-in, monitoring flights, and hotel accommodations.

Furthermore, the website offers a wide range of round trip promotional flight fares in different European destinations. To learn more about their website and their promotional fare, customers may visit their website, here.

Air Moldova recently launched their mobile app available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free. It offers an optimized feature, wherein customers can easily search available flights and book the air tickets using their smartphones.

The customer service of the airline, on the other hand is conveniently open from Monday to Sunday 0800H to 2000H via +373 22 830-830.  In addition to that, passengers can also visit their website to learn more helpful information, here.

About Air Moldova

Air Moldova is the national carrier of the Republic of Moldova, which is headquartered in Chișinău, the largest city in Moldova. It serves as the capital city of the country, and it is where the Chișinău International Airport is located. Meanwhile, the airline operates an entire fleet of 6 aircraft in active service, consisting mainly of Airbus and Embraer carriers that help transport passengers to more than 24 charter service destinations within Europe.

Flight services of the airline may vary with the passenger flight class. In fact, flight classes with Air Moldova is only available via Business Class and Economy Class. Regardless of passenger flight class, the airline makes sure that all of their passengers will receive a high level of service. Depending on the duration of flights, economy passengers are offered meals, wine, and soda. Furthermore, passengers with Business class tickets can enjoy restaurant quality meals and can also enjoy a spacious seating, which is separated in a separate sector.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (+373 22)830-830
  • Head Office Address: Dacia bd. 80 ⁄ 2, Airport, MD 2026, Chisinau, Moldova


Based on this Air Moldova review, we can see that the airline has a proven track record in providing exceptional flight services since its inception. Despite being slightly criticized for some occasional flight delays, Air Moldova still manages to keep numerous loyal customers, and this can be attributed to the top notch service they provide.

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  1. richard pain

    I am one of those who regularly fly with Air Maldova. They’re fine, just don’t expect royal service aboard.


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