Air Namibia Review

Air Namibia Review

Air_Namibia_logo.svgNamibia is an arid country located in Southern Africa and surrounded by desert. Although it maybe unfamiliar to foreigners, the land offers a diverse array of wildlife that call the tall dunes their home. Remarkably, Namibia is also home to one of the most distinguished airlines in the Southern African region in terms of providing one of a kind flight experience.

In this Air Namibia review, we give travelers an overview of this small local airline. We also are going to feature some customer feedback on the airline that summarizes the kind of service they provide to their passengers.

Based on customers’ feedback about Air Namibia, the airline seems to a good choice for passengers who are looking for an affordable and comfortable flight experience within the continent. Passengers expressed their satisfaction on the wonderful service they were provided while on-board. It’s not surprising to see why Air Namibia received a near perfect rating from their previous customers and garnered numerous recommendations. Furthermore, Air Namibia  exceeded  passengers expectations by providing a top notch service despite its small size.

Air Namibia Website

QusQZPrAir Namibia’s website is pretty impressive because of its well animated web layout. However, the website is a bit sluggish, it takes a minute to load the entire homepage. Moreover, it offers a search panel wherein customers can conveniently search and book their flights the easiest way possible.  In addition to that, the website also offers different features that can assist travelers on their flight booking. As a matter of fact, Air Namibia’s website is not only useful for flight services, it is also good for hotel accommodations and car rental services.

Meanwhile, their website is not only limited to providing commercial services, but also for the logistics of airline cargo services. They offer cargo services to Windhoek, Frankfurt, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Luanda as well as various local destinations within Namibia. To learn more about their website, click here.

Unlike other conventional commercial airlines,  Air Namibia does not provide any mobile app wherein customers can use to book and manage their flights using their smartphones. However, if you have concerns about your reservation or general inquiries, their customer service hotline is available via +264 61 299 6111 open from Monday to Friday 0600H to 2200H and weekends as well as public holidays from 0800H to 1700H.

About Air Namibia

Air Namibia (Pty) Limited or locally known as Air Namibia is the flag carrier of the Republic of Namibia, headquartered in Windhoek, which is the capital of the country. It is also where Hosea Kutako International Airport is located; the airport serves as the main hub of the airline. Apart from that, the airline has a secondary hub at Eros Airport. The airline has a total of ten aircraft in active service, which mostly are Airbus and Embraer aircraft, that help deliver passengers in more than fifteen destinations.

The airline flight services may vary with passenger flight class, which are available in Business and Economy flight class. Air Namibia always makes sure that all their passengers, regardless of their flight class, will receive a high level of service. Moreover, Economy passengers are served with snacks and beverages, including alcoholic drinks. Passengers can also enjoy a 31-inch seat pitch. Meanwhile, Business class passengers have a different flight service, passengers can indulge in superior meals and can enjoy a spacious 75-inch seat pitch that is also convertible to a fully flat bed. On the other hand, all of the airline’s aircraft are equipped with personal TV monitors.

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Based on this Air Namibia review, I really find this airline to be very interesting because they manage to garner a number of recommendations from their previous customers. This does not yet include the overwhelming positive reviews about them. I believe that these positive feedback about their service reflect Air Namibia’s true caliber.

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2 thoughts on “Air Namibia Review

  1. Chad Post author

    Nice review, I will definitely, try this when I travel in Namibia. There are very few airline in Africa that actually provide a good service. None of the airline I’ve experience really provide a good service. This airline will be a good try.

  2. Ronnie Uy

    I have heard about some delayed flights from Air Namibia after a few of my friends flew to visit the country. It wasn’t too long of a wait though, just 30-45 minutes late.


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