Air Transat Review

Air Transat Review

logoThe Great White North is one of the biggest countries in the world in terms of land area as well as natural beauty and rich resources. The dominion, which is the Northern end of continental America is home to a diverse group of peoples that emigrated from various countries to create the vibrant and culturally diverse nation that is Canada.

This is also why several airlines have sprung up to provide air transportation to the constantly growing multicultural populace of the country. One of these airlines is Air Transat.

Air Transat is wholly owned by Transat A.T. Inc., which is the largest integrated tourism company in the world and one of the pillars of Canada’s travel and tourism industry.

Air Transat made its maiden flight on November 14th, 1987, with a scheduled flight from Montreal to Acapulco. Today, the airline is one of the major providers of travel services in the country , booking more than  3.5 million passengers a year.

In this Air Transat review, we give travelers an overview about one of the top airlines in Canada who maintains a good reputation among their loyal customers.

What people are saying

Air Transat seems to be enjoying some popularity from its passengers. The airline is greatly admired mainly because of their French Canadian cabin crew who are very professional. Moreover, the airline has a very unique style of communicating with their passengers; all instructions are verbally uttered in French and in English, which majority of their customers greatly loved. On the downside of their service, some of their aircraft are in narrow configuration, which is not great for long haul travelers.

Air Transat Website

MmWiAdQMeanwhile, their website is a little bit intricate compare to other airline website. However, it is useful for easy access to customers who want to book and manage their booked flights. Its also equipped with different functional features that will greatly help customers by easing the burden of staying at the airport like flight status, check-in, booked hotels, and car rental service.

Air Transat’s offers an innovative way to entertain their passengers using their smartphones, with the help of Air Transat CinePlus mobile app; passengers can be entertained with an array of selection of different movies, TV programs and music. However,  this application only works of A310 aircraft for now.

The airline customer service hotline is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week via 1-877-TRANSAT (1-877-872-6728). Air Transat customer service hotline may vary with the country of origin of passengers, that’s why for more local customer service hotline visit their website here.


Inflight service of the airline differs with their flight classes, which are available via Business and Economy flight classes. Moreover, Economy flight class is only available for European routes, although both flight classes are served with complimentary meals and beverages. Business class flights are a bit different; they serve welcome drinks with multi course meals and other beverages. Aside from that, all the airline’s aircraft are equipped with Audio/Video On Demand and USB ports and shared cabin screen.

In addition to their flight class, for additional $100 Canadian dollar, passengers can avail of their Option Plus Economy package, which offer an additional service on your economy flight.

About Air Transat

goedkope-vluchten-naar-canada-van-air-transat1Air Transat is Canadian based airline with a main hub at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport with a secondary hub at Toronto Pearson International Airport. It operates scheduled charter flights in more than 82 destinations in 25 countries around the world.

The airline is one of the largest airlines in Canada next to Air Canada and WestJet. Air Transat has more than 26 aircraft in active service consisting mostly of Airbus and Boeing jets and staffed by more than 2,000 employees.

Meanwhile, Jean-Marc Eustache is the chief executive officer of Air Transat. He is also instrumental in the creation of the airline in 1987. With his outstanding leadership, he helped Air Transat to be one of the pillars of Canada’s tourism industry. Eustache took a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 1974 at the l’Université du Québec à Montréal and began his career in the tourism industry in 1977.


Based on this Air Transat review, the airline is pretty impressive in catering a high quality of travel service to their passengers. Considering also their good reputation from their passengers, which greatly affect their long standing as one of the trusted airlines in the region.

Definitely, the airline has a lot of things to offer to their passengers. Although Air Transat’s passengers are entirely positive, we cannot set aside some weakness of the airline service that need to put proper attention.


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  1. James morrison

    The aircraft didnt feel narrow at all! Flew with them on an A330 and it was well-configured. Or maybe i’m just small, lol.


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