AirBaltic Reviews

AirBaltic Reviews

AirBaltic Reviews logoAlthough North America may seem to dominate the airspace. There are regional airlines that are trying their luck at getting a reasonable share of the travel and tourism industry in their locality. Such airlines operate within Europe and other continents whose people are inclined to using products and services that have their local trademark.

One of these is AirBaltic. Apart from maintaining a fleet that consists of 25 aircraft, the regional airline also operates its own online travel agency. The company is mostly owned by the Latvian government that has 98% of the total shares of the company.

In this OTA Reviews update, travelers would be reading about the online travel agency and how it operates. Apart from that, travelers would also be reading about AirBaltic reviews on the Internet and what previous customers had to say about their service.

Latvia’s Finest

Based on the company website, AirBaltic was founded on August 28th, 1995 with the signing of the “airBaltic Joint Venture Agreement,” wherein the Latvian State, Baltic International USA, Swedfund International AB, and the IØ Danish Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe became shareholders of the AIR BALTIC CORPORATION SIA.

By 2007, AirBaltic launched its website to assist their passengers with the latest in online check-in features. AirBaltic recorded a new hallmark in their company history with the 10, 000th passengers successfully checking-in online on November 26th, 2007.

Apart from that, AirBaltic’s digital campaign goes full swing as they complete the introduction of their e-tickets on March 24th, 2008. In 2013, they went further in becoming technologically competitive with the improvement of its mobile and online check-in services.

On the other hand, there had been several negative feedback from previous customers of the airline and the online travel agency. Based on AirBaltic reviews on the Internet, most of the previous customers complained of the bad service they got from the airlines.

So far, there had been very few known issues about it’s online travel agency. Perhaps one of the major complaints about the airline’s online services would be the confusing online check-in procedure.

AirBaltic Reviews websiteMeanwhile, travelers who would be accessing the website would surely find it very accessible and user-friendly. Their search panel is also very simple, which let’s travelers find travel packages that would fit right on the budget.

They are have several advertisements posted on their website to give customers an idea about their special travel packages as well as the amenities they have on each flight. Apart from that, travelers can connect with the airline through their social media pages in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Travelers can also click on the quick links at the bottom of the website to learn more about the company or the airline. There is also a quick link their blog, their contact information, and their FAQs.

If travelers would like to learn more about their company’s products and services, they could sign-up their email on the website to get a regular newsletter forwarded to their e-mails.


Based on AirBaltic reviews, customers have been having problem mostly with the airline. There are problems with it’s online travel agency as well; but, it’s the airline that truly irked most of the company’s previous customers. In any case, AirBaltic would surely be able to fix these issues given enough time.

Contact information

  • Website URL:  
  • Contact number:        check the full listing of contact numbers here
  • Contact Email:            check the web based customer support here
  • Head Office Address:        Riga Airport, Riga, LV-1053 Latvia

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    I liked how they present their announcements regarding the most recent happenings in the aviation industry. Today, for example, the website has an announcement regarding the current restrictions at Brussels Airport.


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