Airfare Review

Airfare Review

Every traveler wants to feel secure whenever they are traveling. Customers want a guarantee that whenever they travel, they would be able to land in one piece on the places they would be visiting and return to their families and friends safely after that relatively short journey.

A sense of security is just one of the few but very important reasons a traveler looks for the best online travel industry out in the market to book their flights. Not only do they search for the most affordable prices to fill in their itinerary, they would also be looking for agents who have been in the industry for quite a while and had served several customers from different walks of life.

Airfare is just one of the very few travel agencies that have existed before the boom of the online travel agency market. In this updated Airfare review, customers would learn more about the company and the services they offer to their customers as well as what previous customers had to say about the online travel agency.

The Capitol’s online travel agency
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Founded as a traditional airline booking company, Airfare was re-organized and re-established in 1996 in Washington, DC as an online travel agency to address the growing needs of their growing customer base. This online travel agency started offering travel packages that have prices discounted for as much as 70%; due to the success of this online booking campaign, Airfare was able to book millions of travelers to their desire destinations since the time it was created.

Polite customer service?
Meanwhile, this updated Airfare review was able to collect information regarding how the online travel agency conducts its business.

Based on one reputable customer feedback website, Airfare not only provides affordable flight packages, they also provide some flexibility to their customers when making changes to their booked flights. Apart from that, the customer went on further to comment that the company the one of the most polite customer support. one patron said that the cheap prices of Airfare are really flexible and when you cancel your flight, their customer support has the most polite support ever.

However, most of the previous customers said that they’ve booked with Airfare and they felt that they were scammed in to agreeing to fraudulent deals because of the misleading deals. Add to that, there were various instances that flights were cancelled without notifying customers and with no particular reason.

One customer even said, “don’t buy from them.” The customer even said that the manager yelled over the phone, and urged the customer to re-book the flight for $700.

Airfare on the web
Airfare review web
The interface of their website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Flight and hotel bookings are no problem, they call this booking as the “air + hotel combo package.” Confirmation of flight status is available if customers have the reservation number and last name registered on the booked flight.

Apart from that, the website provides a list of their top deals and destinations. However, negative feedback not only Negative reviews don’t only apply to their bad services but also to their ill mannered employees.

Meanwhile, Airfare’s customer support is open round the clock. Everything is included on their “Contact Us” page; they also have an email for customer concerns as well as for customers who have lost their confirmation number. Self help options though their FAQs are also available for individuals who have hearing disabilities.

Apart from that, the company provides discounts for over 700 airlines, 30,000 hotels and 25 car companies and they’re located in Washington DC, USA.

Contact information

Airfare review web2On the other hand, this updated Airfare review was able to collect additional information on the online travel agency, which customers can use.

  • Website:
  • Contact number: 1-800-AIR-FARE(247-3273) or 703-379-1777
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax number: 1.703.379.6983
  • Head Office Address: 619 41st Street NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20016.

Attitude, please
Based on the customer complaints compiled by this updated Airfare reviews, the online travel agency needs to improve their attitude when handling customers so that issues regarding their employees foul behavior in dealing with customer issues would eventually diminish.

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5 thoughts on “Airfare Review

  1. Jane A

    I had a terrible experience with these guys, their customer service put me on hold for 35 minutes, I eventually gave up and didn’t get a refund. Would not recommend!

    1. stephanie brown

      I too had a complaint and I was supposed to get a refund about three weeks ago. still no news from the the company.

  2. jessica 555

    rude as rude can be. I tried to make changes on my booked flight and they went on telling me that I can’t do it unless I make an additional payment for service charges. what a mess!

  3. Peter Jill

    Money grabbers alert! This company is nothing but a fraud. Avoid at all costs.

  4. derrick_james

    I was charged twice by the (rude) CSR. Asked to talk to the manager, then my call was dropped. Called again and waited for 2 hours before they finally acknowledged my problem. A true hassle! Will not use again


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