Airfarewatchdog Review

Airfarewatchdog Review

In order to make a difference all that is needed is one step to start one journey that would ultimately change one life. In this big world, people who want to make a difference considering lending their resources to volunteerism and try to make their life journey mean so much more than a stamp in the canvass of human history. On the other hand, not everyone is inclined to do so.

Businesses that need to earn an income cannot afford to a lot too much of their resources to volunteerism, so what they do instead is provide the best quality service that money can buy. This is the imprint they leave to society.

In this updated Airfarewatchdog review, readers would see if the online travel agency is able to deliver the best quality service there is in the market.

A journalist’s brainchil

George Hobica, a travel journalist, founded Airfarewatchdog and currently serves as its editor-in-chief. Previously, he served as a Marketing Manager for many large multinational companies. He is also a syndicated journalist by the Tribune Media and USA Today. Hobica is also holds the title CEO in the online travel agency. He’s been in the ravel industry for eight years and still counting. The company is a subsidiary of Smarter Travel Media Network.

Airfarewatchdog review CEO

Airfarewatchdog CEO George Hobica

A writers’ block
Airfarewatchdog is not well-known in terms of being an online travel agency and with that very few people have posted their feedback about the website. In fact, it was way back in 2011 when the online travel agency received its very last positive reviews.

Meanwhile, the company had been flooded by negative reviews since March 2015. This updated Airfarewatchdog review found out that most of the complaints arise from misinformation arising from the advertisements posted on the website.

While one patron said that Airfarewatchdog provided credible deals and say that the company is well operated and reliable, another former customer said that he lost his interest when they put out a recent article saying “how we need to hire more government thugs to steal money from us so the politicians can “regulate” the airline industry.”

Many of the previous customers complained that they’ve been getting a lot of false information from the website’s advertisements. One of these advertisements states in company forwarded emails that customers can get a flight for a certain amount, then when they check it out, there is no flight listed for that amount.

Simple website
Their website is designed pretty simple so that travelers can navigate it easily. As what this Airfarewatchdog review learned, customers can look for flights with the lowest rates and they also provide hotel deals for itineraries. Deals are presented on the main page with a discounted price.

Airfearewatchdog review web

 Customer Service
Although, Airfarewatchdog provides free customer service through social media and low cost flight deals, they don’t provide phone support. Customers can submit their concern through their email and a FAQs page is included for general questions.

Contact information
This updated Airfarewatchdog review was also able to get additional information about the online travel agency for the benefit of travelers who wish to contact them

  • Website URL:
  • Contact Email:,, and
  • Head Office Address: 70 Battery Pl # 504, New York, NY 10280, United States

Airfarewatchdog woes
The online travel agency still needs to improve some of their services. Although, they simply cannot be blamed for the many consumer issues that they are currently facing. They are mostly comprised of writers and their blog seemed to be noteworthy. What Airfarewatchdog can do is to set priorities so that it can focus on being what it aims to be, whether it be a travel blog or an online travel agency.

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2 thoughts on “Airfarewatchdog Review

  1. terry banner

    i like it that they’re a bunch of writer working there to make a living, but how does that help me get a refund for a flight cancellation that I did not make!

  2. shaquayna lee

    Unprofessionals in this field should avoid handling payments! Had to endure horrible customer service with this one. Stay away guys.


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