AirHelp Reviews

AirHelp Reviews

AirHelp Reviews - AirhelpAmong the greatest difficulties in the online travel world is the ability to locate a reliable organization that can amend or fix the problems made by an unscrupulous travel supplier. AirHelp extends its administrations to take care of such issues. They raise clients’ mindfulness about their lawful rights by giving a distinct administration that will engage explorers to make full utilization of their legal rights.

In this new OTA Reviews article, we shall take a look at some of the latest AirHelp reviews written by no other than the organization’s previous clients. We hope you will find this review helpful!

The AirHelp Chief Executive Officer

AirHelp Reviews - Henrik Zillmer, AirHelp CEOThe current Chief Executive Officer of Airhelp is Henrik Zillmer. Zillmer established the organization in 2013 along with Nicolas Michaelsen, the organization’s current Chief Marketing Officer. His goal was to create a streamlined remuneration claiming process for travelers by creating the automatic flight compensation technology which greatly benefits those who have been wrongly served by other carriers or online travel agencies.

What people think of AirHelp

AirHelp garnered general positive audits from their past clients and communicated their appreciation to the site for the accommodation they give to voyagers who had persevered through upsetting discount claims from carriers.

A few clients are doubtful about the administrations offered via AirHelp. It appears that in view of AirHelp reviews, the organization is by all accounts earnest in getting great results. It’s no big surprise why they got various proposals. Additionally, their site is quite simple to utilize.

Evidently, a few clients cannot perceive the full potential of AirHelp due to their costly charges. Besides, clients will be asked to wait for quite a bit of time just to get their pay from the carrier. Be that as it may, just half of the pay will come back to the clients while the other half will go to AirHelp. In the event that you will simply acknowledge how it functions, you will understand that it is somewhat expensive for those clients who simply had deferred flights.

A look at the website

AirHelp Reviews - Airhelp Website
In the interim, the simple layout of their site is something to take note of. It offers straightforward travel features for clients that can help them in filling all the essential data they require. Additionally, the site offers all the important data that travelers need to know, including their rights and if clients cannot communicate in English, AirHelp site offers twelve of dialects to better help clients.

Aside from their site, the organization offers a convenient approach to further serve their clients by developing the AirHelp mobile application. The application gives helpful components which clients can utilize via their cell phones. AirHelp’s mobile application can be downloaded from Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store.

Customer service

Getting back the rightful amendments can sometimes be quite upsetting, that is the reason AirHelp gives 24-hours client support services. In any case, client hotline may vary depending on your current location. Clients may call their central office located in the United Kingdom by dialing +44 800 011 9805. Visit their site for more client support hotlines by going to this page.


Not at all like ordinary travel administration suppliers, AirHelp is somewhat diverse. AirHelp is a carrier legal service supplier since that aims to properly compensate air travelers. They offer “equity as an administration” help to travelers who persevered issues in asserting remuneration from carriers. In addition, they serve travelers primarily in American and European the locale which is headquartered in London, Hong Kong, New York City and Gdansk. The organization seems to have helped more than 250,000 travelers from 35 different nations.

Contact information

The verdict

AirHelp Reviews - AirHelp mobile appIn view of the above AirHelp reviews, the organization gave mind boggling help to voyagers especially from untrustworthy carriers with charged imperfect booking practices. I can imagine how hard it must be for customers to record compensation for late, crossed out, or overbooked flights from rapacious bearers. AirHelp did all the work for customers.

On the other hand, their administrations may not be all that helpful, all things considered. This is due to the fact that you just get half of the remuneration and the other half falls int the hands of AirHelp, which I think is unsatisfactory particularly for clients who persevered through deferred flights.


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