AirportExplorer Reviews

AirportExplorer Reviews

AirportExplorer Reviews LogoNowadays, the travel industry is not only dominated by traditional and online travel agencies. There are also travel search engines and customer feedback portals. Other than that, there are websites that focus on providing travelers about information regarding airports in the US.

This is It is a website that focuses on providing a vast amount of information about airports across the country. They also have a feature on assisting customers get the best and affordable airfare on the Internet.

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would learn more about the airport and travel search engine and how it operates. Aside from that, travel would read about previous customer experiences based on several AirportExplorer reviews posted on the Internet.

Road Maps and Web Links

AirportExplorer Reviews websiteBased on their website, AirportExplorer is concerned with providing travelers information about airports in the country. With that, the offer a searchable map that contains information not only on airports, but also on local transportation, restaurants, and every information that may be useful in that journey to the airport.

Other than the details provided above, very little is known about the website. In fact, there are very few AirportExplorer reviews posted on the web. It seemed that very few people are using their services in searching for affordable travel packages.

The website prides itself as an online travel guide. It only has three quick link, which would allow customers to find cheap flights, find hotel deals, and find the best deal on tours and attractions. Other than that, AirportExplorer also has an airport code or city search panel. Just below that search panel, customers can check a sample list of major airports in the US.

The sample list of major airports also serves as a quick link to information regarding those airports. Once a customer clicks on any of the airport quick links, they are connected to another page containing information about the airport as well as nearby airports within the area.

Also, there would be airport stats and airport history, including cheap flights, cheap hotels and cheap tours that are connected to the airport.

Other than that, AirportExplorer is affiliated with other online travel agencies to provide travelers a wide selection of affordable flights. Among these affiliates are Orbitz, CheapOair, Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia.  AirportExplorer is also connected with low-cost airlines like SouthWest, JetBlue, Delta, and US Airways.

As for cheap hotels, AirportExplorer is affiliated with and The website also has hot tips about how to search for cheap flights and cheap hotels before booking anything on line.

Meanwhile, customers can contact AirportExplorer thought the contact us link which leads to a page where customers can type in their queries and put in their contact information as well.

Contact information

On top of that, this OTA Reviews article was able to collect additional contact information from the very few AirportExplorer reviews posted on the Internet.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact Email: please check the contact us quick link
  • Head Office Address: Dallas, Texas

More market exposure

Based on the very few AirportExplorer reviews on the web, the airport and travel search engine should invest in making itself more recognizable on the Internet. This is necessary if they wish to be taken seriously in the ever growing online travel agency market.


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  1. oracle lane

    They’re basically a travel guide website that endorses various airlines and online travel agencies. I don’t really find it interesting.


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