Bangkok Airways Reviews

Bangkok Airways Reviews

Bangkok Airways Reviews LogoThe commercial airline industry has undeniably grown in its 100 years of existence. It has undergone countless improvements, breakthroughs and transformations. However, it has also endured countless tragedies and disasters.

To join an industry that has withstood time, a business must prove that they are more than just a money-making organization. There are more than 5,000 commercial airlines in the world today. Bangkok Airways is one of them. To know if they have what it takes to satisfy their passengers, we will check out Bangkok Airways reviews from reliable online sources.

Background and Ownership

Bangkok Airways Reviews Prasert Prasarttong-OsothOriginally an air taxi airline that provides short on-demand flights, Bangkok Airways (formerly Sahakol Air) was founded in 1968. Commercial operations started in 1986 and they had changed their name to Bangkok Airways in 1989. It is also known for being the first private domestic airport of Thailand. Their first jet aircraft was a Boeing 717, which they acquired in the year 2000. Prior to that, the airline only used propeller-driven airplanes.

The current owner, president and CEO of Bangkok Airways is Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth. He owns 92.31% of the shares in the airline. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth is also the founder of Thailand’s biggest health-related group: Bangkok Dusit Medical Services.

What People Think of Bangkok Airways

Customers have both good and bad things to say about the airline, which is pretty much the norm. After searching Google for Bangkok Airways reviews, I found that the airline had earned 4 stars out of 5 in AirlineQuality, which is quite impressive.

One passenger liked the seat quality and noted the efficiency of the airline crew. In fact, a lot of people appreciated the crew’s efforts in keeping the flight as comfortable and as satisfying as possible. Passengers said that the flight attendants were able to make up for most of the airline’s shortcomings. Another passenger commended the airline’s generosity. She said that the Bangkok Airways lounge was available for all passengers and that the legroom was surprisingly spacious for a low-cost airline.

Despite this, people still managed to point out the airline’s flaws. One, which seems to be the biggest, is the quality of the inflight meals. Not everyone liked the snacks and dishes served to them, as most of Bangkok Airways’ meals were Thai-inspired. Punctuality also seems to be an issue here. Other passengers said that almost all of their flights were delayed. Another passenger also experienced a cancelled flight. No explanation was given to the passenger.

Their Website

Bangkok Airways Reviews WebsiteTheir website is simple (in a good way), looks very clean and airy. The automatically-changing background images are clear. The said images show some of their current promos and deals, along with the prices. On the right, you will see the form which you can use to book/search flights, manage your booking, do a web check-in and reserve a car/hotel room. This form uses some nice slide effects, which I really liked.

The color blue seems to be the most prominent color of their site. On the upper part, you will three tabs: the Planning tab, Destination Insight tab and About Us tab. If you hover your cursor over each one, a dropdown box will appear, showing more links to other pages.

Customer Service

To contact them via telephone, simply call: +66 2265 5678 or +66 (0) 2270 6699. If you want to make a reservation, you may email them at This email is also applicable for queries regarding flight alterations, cancellations, itineraries and other inquiries. If you would like to add feedback, you may fill up this online feedback form.

Services Offered

The airline offers three flight classes: Premier Class, Business Class and Economy Class, however, most of their fleet are configured to handle only the Economy Class. Bangkok Airways makes sure that their customers are never hungry. The meals may vary depending on the flight but expect that most of their menu are composed of Thai meals.. Special meal orders such as vegetarian or Halal meals are also available.

For the inflight entertainment, there are overhead screens and just recently, they began adding iPad minis available for Blue Ribbon Class passengers.


Bangkok Airways is an airline based in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand.  The airline mainly flies regionally and offers flights to Singapore, Maldive, India, Burma, Laos, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Their hubs can be found in Chiang Mai International Airport and Phuket International Airport. They are not a member of any alliance.

Their fleet consists of eleven (11) Airbus A319-100, eight (8) Airbus A320-200, eight (8) ATR 72-500, and four (4) ATR 72-600.

Contact Information

An Excellent Airline

Based on Bangkok Airways reviews, it is obvious that the airline is one of Thailand’s best. It is, as usual, imperfect but with such excellent crew, remarkable service and generosity, their passengers surely had a great time. If you are flying with this airline soon, we hope that everything goes well and don’t forget to tell us all about your experience!


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  1. GrooveSlamWorkItBack

    I don’t really like my experience with Bangkok Airways. After checking in, they asked me to pay an additional baggage fee because apparently they thought my bag was too big even if its weight still fitted the baggage allowance.


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