BlackTomato Reviews

BlackTomato Reviews

BlackTomato Reviews websiteIn the continuously growing travel and tours industry,  there have been a lot of online travel agencies that have emerged to support the growing demands of travelers around the world. These online travel agencies have been promising affordable prices for the best travel packages out in the market.

With this, claims to be one of the best online travel agencies when it comes to delivering high quality tailor-made travel packages at relatively affordable prices. They also boast several awards and recognition from “Travel + Leisure.”

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would be reading about the online travel agency and what is has to offer to its customers. Apart from that, travelers would be reading about BlackTomato reviews on the Internet and have an idea on what customers of the online travel agency are saying about their services.

Holidays and Honeymoons

BlackTomato Reviews website2The online travel agency was founded by a trio of friends – Tom Marchant, James Merrett and Matt Smith. They decided to leave the corporate world and begin working on a project centered on an activity that they all loved and that is traveling.

The three have been traveling from Moscow to Johannesburg and other major cities across the globe. They compiled their experiences in traveling in order to deliver a unique kind of service.

Their array of products and services have even garnered awards and recognition from “Travel + Leisure” like “Travel+Leisure 2015 A List of Top Travel Agents,” “Travel+Leisure 2014 A List of Top Travel Agents,” and co-founder Tom Marchant becomes “Travel Advisory Board Member 2014.”

On the other hand, the online travel agency got favorable reviews from previous customers posted on TripAdvisor. BlackTomato customers commended the services delivered by the online travel agency.

Most of the customers gave positive feedback on the food and amenities they had when they booked hotels with the online travel agency. It seemed that BlackTomato was able to deliver services at a very classy scale.

As for the travel packages offered by the online travel agency, their starting price starts at 2,000 and that could be in US dollars, sterling pounds, Euros or in other monetary units. It seemed that the luxury they are willing to deliver would undeniably come at a price.


Based on BlackTomato reviews, the online travel agency was able to deliver the products and services they promised. On the other hand, the products and services they deliver would come at a price, which may only be favorable to a handful of customers.

If only the online travel agency would be able to deliver the products and services they provide to their regular customers to a wider audience, BlackTomato would be able to extend the quality of service, which is only felt by a handful of customers. Perhaps, a few online travel agencies in the market could learn from this posh online travel agency.

Contact information

  • Website URL:  
  • Contact number:        [UK] +44 207 426 9888 / [US] +1 646 558 3644
  • Contact Email:  
  • Head Office Address:        40 – 42 Scrutton Street, 1st Floor, EC2A 4PP, London, United Kingdom

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