Bob Hope Airport Reviews

Bob Hope Airport Reviews

Bob Hope Airport Reviews LogoBob Hope Airport (BUR) is located in Burbank, Los Angeles, CA. Compared to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Bob Hope is smaller and services fewer passengers every year. However, BUR is a lot closer to Hollywood and Griffith Park than LAX. Speaking of Hollywood, the officials are contemplating on whether they should change bring back the airport’s old name, “Hollywood-Burbank Airport” due to the noticeable reduction of business and passenger traffic. The management are hoping that passengers will recognize BUR as being closer to Hollywood, boosting traffic and business inside the airport.

What People Are Saying

The passengers of Bob Hope Airport seem to appreciate its small size. Looking at Bob Hope Airport reviews online, I saw people commenting how easy it was to navigate. A passenger even said that she preferred BUR to LAX because she didn’t “have to walk a marathon.

The airport’s location is also a big plus for the local passengers. A passenger appreciated BUR’s accessibility to public transportation. Getting in and out of the airport is also a hassle-free process, due to the uncongested foot traffic. Also, if you’re an Uber patron, you may love this airport even more because Uber vehicles can take you directly to and from the airport.

Overall, the passengers seem to be very glad about this tiny little airport’s convenience and accessibility.


Bob Hope Airport Reviews InsideInside the airport entrance, you will find the ticket counter. This counter may also serve as an information and help desk. No formal help desk can be found here, however, there are some digital screens displaying all details of arriving and departing flights. The main terminal’s bathrooms are rather small, so if you want to use a bigger bathroom, go to the ones located near the JetBlue and SouthWest gates.

As for food and shopping options, this airport doesn’t feature much of them. Those looking for something to eat or drink may buy some snacks from the small airport terminal. The only shopping options here are the typical newsstands and souvenir shops. Overall, the look and feel of BUR is nice and a little bit nostalgic. It is a cozy little airport after all!

How To Get There

There are several ways to get to the airport. Car rentals are one of them. Currently there are 11 car rental companies servicing the airport, click here to view all of them. Buses and trains can also access the airport. Those who prefer to ride the bus can ride either Metrobus or BurbankBus. The trains that pass by the airport are Metrolink and Amtrack. Additionally, shuttle and taxi cabs are available. Uber and other TNC drivers service the airport, too.

Location, Traffic and Service

Located about 5 kilometers from downtown Burbank, the airport usually services 4 to 5 million passengers and 10,000 enplanements a year. Note that the airport only serves domestic flights, so no international passengers here. Seven airlines serve this airport, they are: American Eagle, Alaska Airlines (Seattle/Tacoma), Alaska Airlines (Portland), United Express, Delta Connection,JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines.

Terminal Map

Bob Hope Airport Reviews Terminal Map

Contact Information

All In All

Overall, this airport, despite its small size, is able to provide passengers a quick and easy boarding experience. Unless you’re a huge airport shopping/dining fan, you wouldn’t really mind  the scarcity of the number of stores here. Based on Bob Hope Airport reviews written by their passengers, we can conclude by saying that this airport is a highly efficient and effective one.


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