BookAirfare Reviews

BookAirfare Reviews

Bookairfare Reviews LogoThere are a lot of online travel agencies in the market and definitely not all of them provide the same set of products and services. Apart from that, there had been reports about online travel agencies misleading their customers especially when it came to hidden charges. Well, one online travel agency wants to show to the world that all of them are as dubious as previous customers complained.

This is They are a relatively young online travel agency and they take pride in providing travel packages at affordable rates without any hidden charge. Add to that, they have just recently completed a technological upgrade that would surely give more flexibility to their customers.

In this OTA Reviews, travelers would be reading about and how the online travel agency operates. Apart from that, travelers would also be reading about customer’s feedback based on Bookairfare reviews posted on the Internet.

Offering a cut above the rest

Founded in 2006, Bookairfare created a set of goals aimed at giving “customers access to the lowest fares without compromising great service.” The online travel agency also claimed that they have “built a solid reputation for being the one of the first completely independent flight booking engines.” This meant that they are a consolidator of flights and other travel products and services.

However, Bookairfare stresses the strength of their travel search engine. They said that they are able to search “through millions of published airfares in addition to discounted fares offered through our consolidator network to bring you the cheapest travel options.” It like brushing the entire market with a fine-toothed comb.

Apart from that, Bookairfare also mentioned on their website that the latest updates they’ve made on their system would help customers search for flights faster and easier. Add to that, the online travel agency has included the new functions in their system based on customer feedback. If that’s not enough, Bookairfare encourages their customers to contact their customer support for any questions regarding the travel products and services posted on their website.

Bookairfare Reviews websiteHowever, feedback from previous customers were mostly not in favor of the services provided by Bookairfare. Most of them had problems with the confirmation of booked flights. These customers had one thing in common with their complaints. Either their reservations were cancelled without prior notice or their credit card payments were not immediately accepted by the system resulting to a default of payment and the cancellation of the booked flight.

Other than that, these dissatisfied travelers gave a word of warning to those who still wish to book with Bookairfare. They have called the online travel agency many names and all of these are not flattering at all. Bookairfare was called a scam and a rip off; many of their previous customers would not want to deal with them again. Another disappointed customer said that they had been booking flights with other online travel agencies before. However, things got so complicated with Bookairfare that they swore never to deal with this online travel agency again.

Meanwhile, travelers who would still want to book with Bookairfare, they could do so by filling-up the needed information on the search panel on top of the homepage. Other than that, travelers can also subscribe to the online travel agency’s newsletter just by providing their name and email on the sign-up page on the right side of the search panel.

There are also hot flight deals in the midsection of the website. This is followed by popular destinations and quick links at the bottom of the homepage. There are quick links for hotels and car rentals. Other than that, there are also quick links for customer support. The customer support contact number is also located at the bottom of the homepage.


Based on Bookairfare reviews, the online travel agency has encountered problems in processing the flights booked by their customers. However, the online travel agency did mention that they’ve just made an upgrade. Hopefully, this would fully eradicate all the issues and concerns raised by former customers of Bookairfare.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:    1-855-282-6507
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address:    1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801

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  1. indina paler

    They lack proper and timely communication with customers. When my flight was re-scheduled two hours earlier than the original time, I was only informed about it the day before via email.


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