Booking Reviews 2016

Booking Reviews 2016

Booking Reviews 2016 LogoWith all the online travel and booking agency websites, it’s kind of hard to keep up. Choosing one from the virtual sea of OTAs is not an easy task, especially if you’re the type who’s on a tight budget. Speaking of budget, today we shall look at, an online booking accommodation site whose mission is help people from all over the world find places to stay.

We will also look at Booking reviews 2016 to see the latest comments and opinions regarding this website and its services.

What is, or simply Booking, is a website that shows its users all available hotels/motels/other accommodations on the specified location. It is a member of the Priceline group and had contributed two-thirds of the group’s total earnings.

Brief History and Proprietorship

Booking Reviews 2016 Darren HustonIn the year 2000, Booking was established after the merger between and, two separate online travel and booking agencies. The Priceline group bought the Booking company for $133 million. Priceline then merged with, but by 2006, Active Hotels Ltd rebranded to Limited.

Darren Huston has been the Chief Executive of Booking ever since September 2011. He was also appointed as the president and CEO of the Priceline Group since January 2014. Mr. Huston is an Economics graduate from University of British Columbia (UCB). In 1994, he acquired his MBA after graduating from Harvard University.

Inaccurate Pricing and More seems to be having several issues regarding their prices. After searching for Booking reviews 2016, I saw that several customers complained about Booking not showing the lowest prices.

According to one customer, he booked a hotel room using, then after checking another website, he realized that Booking’s prices were higher. So, he contacted Booking’s customer service and sent the the screenshot of the other site’s prices. To this date, his complaint still hasn’t been acknowledged. Another customer had a similar complaint. According to her, she booked a holiday to Euro Disney using 30 minutes later, she found out that another website is offering the holiday at a much cheaper price. She contacted but the company, again, refused to acknowledge the complaint. “I will never book with them again!”, she exclaimed.

Their Website

Booking Reviews 2016 WebsiteTheir website looks fairly simple, and the images are clear. On the top of their page, you will find a blue bar that somehow reminds me of the blue Facebook navigation bar. Being one of the biggest booking websites on the internet, I was expecting that they would have a more modern-looking web design, unfortunately, they don’t. The layout looks uninteresting and there are too much information crammed into their homepage, which can make their site a little overwhelming especially to the non-tech savvy persons.

To search for an accommodation, simply type in all the necessary information on the form that can be found at the left side of their homepage. You can look for deals by clicking the small link found on the top left side of their page. It is a little small, but you’ll find it directly below the blue header bar.

Customer Service

The Booking customer service hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may call them using this number: 1800 1 114 2126. You may also send them a message by going to this page and filling up the form. Local phone numbers are also available, depending on the country you are currently in.

Contact Information

You Deserve Better

Before you book using this website, you may want to try checking out other online travel agencies as well. This will allow you to compare prices properly, giving you the chance to see cheaper offers. I would also suggest that you do not fall for their ‘free cancellation’ offer because several other customers were charged despite this guarantee. You deserve better, more reliable booking websites.


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  1. Evan Young

    We all deserve a travel agency that just doesn’t randomly grab cash from unsuspecting clients.


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