Reviews is a privately held online travel agency headquartered in Panama City Beach, Florida. The company was founded by the current President and Chief Executive Officer: Arthur “Bud” Finlaw. As he often mentioned, the company started with a recommendation from his wife, Melody, a family portrait photographer also based in Panama City Beach. The business began in the family garage, with the help of their son: Jamin Finlaw.

In April 2008, Bookit adapted FROM or FAST-RELEVANT-ORIGIN-METHOD Technology. FROM Technology is a patent-pending pricing methodology with a search feature that generates deals instantly, displays relevant prices and uses the closest airport to the user’s current IP Address to find deals. FROM ranks travel deals based on factors that includes user rating, popularity of destinations from each users’ point of origin, internal market ratings, rankings of the property manager and the number of mouse clicks on the destination’s website.

What people are saying

I’ve read some reviews coming from the company’s customers. A fine number of positive reviews were posted throughout the internet that gives BookIt a good impression of giving its customers, the best deals and services. Here are some of the reviews I’ve read and gathered.

I have been using for several years to book my hotel rooms throughout the country. seems to have the best deals in town and I really love how easy it is to use their site. I have saved so much money with this site. I am so happy with that I do not even go to any other site.”
—Mark (Somerset, PA)
“I had to call in to book my trip instead of booking online and I was so glad I did. The lady who helped me (I can’t remember her name) was wonderful. She really took the time to help me find the right flights for me and was very resourceful and thoughtful explaining my options. I would definitely use BookIt again just because of the customer service I received was second to none. Awesome job BookIt. Can’t wait to get to Vegas. Thanks again.”
—Wanda (Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia)

The Website
The website shows a minimalistic interface, with pictures of different cities and vacation spots that offers cheap accommodation and flight fares, this is one of BookIt’s promotional advertisements. The website provides a variety of services, allowing a user to search for flights, hotels and even car rentals. You can check the website and discover moe of their services, information and offers, by clicking this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 866-401-3283 (for US callers) 1-850-234-8887 (for international callers)
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 850-235-0402
  • Head Office Address: 14251 Panama City Beach Parkway Panama City Beach, FL US 32413


Based on the reviews that I’ve read, I think BookIt really makes customers be satisfied with their services, I’ve read some of their negative reviews as well and most of them really talks about the website’s glitches and some of their rude customer representatives. There is no perfect Online Travel Agency, only a few good ones, and in order to be good: you need to put your customers first. Giving them the best assistance in helping them with their questions and concerns is a good thing, and helps to build a good relationship between the user and the company as well.


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  1. kamille

    booked with them about two weeks ago, and i never had a single problem. I just had to call them earlier to recheck my bookings and to see if there has been an issue, and there were none. I can’t wait to see my relatives in soon!


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