Bookit Review

Bookit Review

The sunshine state has loads to offer to locals and tourists alike. It’s home to several theme parks as well as beach resorts that spread along the peninsula. Those are just some of the possible reasons that gave birth to Bookit, an online travel agency based in Florida.

Bookit boasts a wide array of tourist packages that feature scenic beaches at affordable prices that could only be a magnificent tropical dream.

The inspiration for the online travel agency came from Bookit CEO Arthur “Bud” Finlaw’s wife, Melody, who happened to be a family portrait photographer in Panama City Beach. Living along the picturesque beaches of Florida, the couple surely could not contain their love for the sand and surf. It had to be shared with travelers who enjoyed long walks by the sea under the clear Sunkist sky. With that in mind, Bookit was established in the family garage in early 2000.

Bookit review CEO

Bookit CEO Arthur “Bud” Finlaw

After 15 years since it was founded and after dealing with consolidation layoffs, Bookit became the first private company in Florida to expand across the USA and internationally with a broad reach extending to Canada, Mexico, the Pacific region, and Europe, which includes the Mediterranean.

Although the company may have expanded globally, a lot has to be said with regard to customer satisfaction. This Bookit Review would check how the online travel agency has been doing in the past 15 years.

No longer sunny in Florida

A lot of what this Bookit review discovered regarding the complaints of previous customers was based on misleading advertisements and over the top fare rates.

A customer from Tennessee said that their short beach holiday ended up with their purses running dry. They added that they were charged very high for the package. It was very difficult to go out of the hotel, which resulted to hiring a cab every time they went out. Apart from that, their card was mistakenly charged $80.

A customer from Texas said that Bookit gave them activity and restaurant vouchers during their holiday tour. However, they ended up paying for their meals as well as hotel amenities since the vouchers weren’t accepted by the establishments in the area.

A customer from Delaware said they were booked in a wrong hotel, so, they immediately made corrections. However, Bookit told them that they had to pay for everything, again, in order to make the changes. When they decided to cancel the booking, they were charged an additional $82 to complete the booking cancellation.

Green is the color of money

After running through a list of complaints from disgruntled customers, this Bookit review checked out what this online travel agency had to offer. Customers would be greeted immediately by the color green splashed all over the website.

Bookit review webpage

Also, customers would treated to pictures of the various beaches, theme parks and luxury tours that Bookit has to offer. There is an emphasis on the word luxury, with the lowest package amounting to $400 per person for a three-night Las Vegas hotel accommodation.

Interestingly instead of having a customer support link, what they have is a guest support link, which also has their toll free hotline. Apart from that, customers can connect with Bookit through social media. Their social media pages are located at the bottom of the guest support page.

Add to that, customers could also download the Bookit app for iPhones and Android phones, which would enable travelers to book flights, hotel and tour packages with just a few taps on their mobile phone.

Bookit review mobile app

Contact information

Meanwhile, customers could also contact the online travel agency through the additional information included in this Bookit review:

  • Website URL:
  • Customer Support: 1-866-269-7360
  • Head Office Address: Bookit Operating LLC, 14251, Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, FL, US 32413

Show Them the Money

Although it started out as a family business, Bookit is expanding massively thanks to its thrilling tour packages as well as tricky runaround to customer concerns. As one customer simply put it, the tour was nice so long as a person brings enough money and enough credit cards to cover to the unexpected expenses that would be encountered during the booked tour.

If this Bookit review helped in providing details about booking flights with the online travel agency, don’t forget to leave a note at the bottom of the page.


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      Yeah, I mean you search the net for cheap deals not for flashy tours. It’s just ridiculous!

  1. Priscilla79

    too many high-end travel packages, I’d rather go for the inexpensive agents on the internet.

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    Not a reliable website, it seem! As a student who likes traveling on a small budget, I can’t afford to waste cash on these “additional fees”.


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