British Airways Reviews

British Airways Reviews

British Airways Reviews - LogoBritish Airways is the flag carrier of the United Kingdom. It is the second largest airline in the United Kingdom in terms of passengers carried and the largest airline in terms of fleet size. Being this widely known, one may wonder: “Does this airline really deliver great customer service?” Well, what better way to find out than to look at real British Airways reviews? The reviews that I will be showing below are from verified passengers who have experienced this airline firsthand.

History and Current Proprietor

Back in the year 1972, the UK had two national airline companies: British European Airways and British Overseas Airways Corporation and two smaller ones: Northeast Airlines and Cambrian Airways. To manage them, it was decided that a British Airways board be formed. By 1974, all four were unified to form one large airline, which we now know as the British Airways.

What people are saying

If you are planning to book on this airline but would like to hear what their passengers are saying, then you are at the right page. On Skytrax’s website, British Airways was given a total rating of 6 stars out of 10, an above average score. Let’s find out what their customers think.

According to one passenger, her flight was neither bad nor highly impressive. She said that her flight, which was scheduled to fly from Heathrow to Dublin, was delayed for an hour due to some problems, however, it didn’t really affect her or the quality of her flight, so it was fine. She only wished the crew would smile a bit more, other than that her flight was satisfactory. Another passenger found the flight moderately well. The inflight meals were adequate and delicious, however, his personal screen was not working.

As for the seats, a passenger who flew from Milan to Heathrow commended the quality of the new leather-covered seats. The lighting, according to him, greatly improved the cabin’s ambience. The legroom, said another passenger, was adequate but not really noteworthy. Check-in and boarding processes also seemed well-managed based on several passenger reviews.

The Website

British Airways Reviews WebsiteNow, let’s head over to their website. Their homepage seems to follow the standard for most airline and travel agency sites. On the left hand side, you will find the forms that passengers may fill up if they wish to book online. The airline offers online flight booking, a flight + hotel booking, a flight booking  + car rental reservation, online hotel booking and car rental reservation. Passengers may manage their booking by clicking on the “Manage my Booking” tab found on the top of the page. In the same heading area, you will find the “Flights and Holidays” tab, among others. For those looking for flight promos and other travel deals, they can find them by clicking on the ‘Flights and Deals’ tab located at the upper left part of the homepage.

The design and layout of their website is neat, all information have been displayed properly. Those who have the least bit of experience in online booking websites will find it to be quite intuitive. All images used are clear, the fonts are readable and the website effects are neither dull nor too intrusive. Overall, their website looks good and functions well.

Customer Service

British Airways offers customer service via telephone, snail mail and email. To view all their contact numbers and other details, simply go to this page, choose your country and view the numbers listed.

Services Offered

British Airways Reviews First Class CabinThe airline offers four cabin classes: First Class, Business Class aka Club World, Premium Economy aka World Traveler Plus and Economy Class aka World Traveler. However, for short-haul flights, only the Economy and Business classes are available.

Those flying in the Economy Class are offered light snacks and drinks, and food selections differ depending on the time of day and the duration of your flight. For those in the Premium Economy Class, they are offered a three-course meal, a mid-afternoon small meal and a light snack. Business Class passengers may enjoy a three-course meal or a small meal, depending on the passenger’s preference. These meals are often accompanied by a glass of wine. First Class flyers, as expected, are offered the highest-quality food. They are given the choice to order meals from the a la carte menu.

British Airways’ inflight entertainment is called “Highlife Entertainment” and features hundreds of movies, TV shows, music, arts and a lot more.

More About British Airways

British Airways currently has two hubs: Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport. Its fleet consists of two (2) Airbus A318-100, forty-four (44) Airbus A319-100, sixty-six (66) Airbus A320-200, eighteen (18) Airbus A321-200, eleven (11) Airbus A380-800, six (6) Boeing 737-400, fifty-two (52) Boeing 747-400, nineteen (19) Boeing 767-300ER, three (3) Boeing 777-200, forty-three (43) Boeing 777-200ER, twelve (12) Boeing 777-300ER, eight (8) Boeing 787-8 and six (6) Boeing 787-9. The airline is a founding member of OneWorld.

Contact Details

Final Thoughts

Although seemingly mediocre, British Airways still manages to satisfy most of the needs and some of the wants of their customers. The airline makes flying as hassle-free as possible without adding too many frills to their services. What do you think? Have you flown with them? Tell us your story by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Daniel W.

    Nothing special. The food was pretty soggy and the drinks were lukewarm. Seats were good but a little cramped.


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