Busbud Reviews

Busbud Reviews

Busbud Reviews - LogoBusbud is a bus travel company that allows passengers to book bus tickets via their website or mobile app. As long as they are connected to the internet, travelers will be able to search, compare and purchase bus tickets in various countries around the world. The company operates in roughly 6,000 cities across Africa, Europe, North America, South America, North America and more.

This sounds like a highly useful service, but what do Busbud reviews say about their operations? Are they legit or are they fraudulent? Let’s find out.

History and Ownership

Busbud Reviews - LP MauriceLP Maurice, the company’s founder and CEO, established the company in 2011. According to him, his idea for the company formed during his backpacking trip across South America. After having a tough time finding a dependable intercity bus ticketing agency, he decided that the world needed a more modern way of doing it. Hence, the company’s online and app-based nature.

Maurice is a Business Administration graduate from the Université de Montréal and eventually got his Master of Business Administration (MBA) after graduating from Harvard University. Prior to establishing Busbud, he worked as a product marketer for LinkedIn.

What people think of Busbud

The Busbud reviews online are generally positive, with customers saying good things about the overall service and experience of their bus ride. Many first-time customers have been pleased with the service and gave Busbud perfect 5-star ratings.

Not all is perfect, though. Some customers have complained of not being able to contact Busbud’s customer care hotline. Instead, when they dial the number, all they get is a prerecorded message.

A look at the website

Busbud Reviews - Website
The website is simple and has a very “corporate” feel to it. With a blue header bar, a large background image that covers the page’s upper part, a booking form and some blocks of text and images below, users will be able to navigate the website with ease.

Found at the center of the homepage is the bus ticket booking form. Users may fill up the text and input boxes to search for bus operators and tickets in their specified locations.

On the lower part of the page, users will see the “Featured Bus Routes” section, each represented by a background image of their respective city. Below that, you will find the popular bus routes.

They have also developed a Busbud mobile app that works for both iOS (iPhone) and Android phones.

Customer service

Customers may contact Busbud via email, to do so, simply send your message to support@busbud.com. They may also call the company by dialing 514-700-0451.


Busbud operates by forming partnerships with various bus operators in the cities that they serve. Their website and mobile app are available in 10 languages and works with 21 currencies. They are headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and employs roughly 40 people in their team.

Contact information

  • Website URL: www.busbud.com
  • Contact number: 514-700-0451
  • Contact Email: support@busbud.com
  • Head Office Address: 5425 Casgrain Suite 901 Montreal, QC H2T 1X6 Canada


Fortunately, the Busbud reviews above are generally positive. The services are pretty solid, however, it should be noted that Busbud is not a bus operator company rather, they are a third-party business that only sells bus tickets. If you experience any troubles or inconvenience in your ride, directly express your concerns to the bus operator.


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  1. peter roca

    Third party operators seldom take responsibility for unaccepted tickets which I find disturbing


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