Canberra Airport Reviews

Canberra Airport Reviews

Canberra Airport Reviews - LogoHave you ever heard of the saying “what goes up must come down”? This is especially true for aircrafts. All airplanes must return to land at one point, and airports provide the safest landing area for these massive flying hunks of metal. However, after years of commercial aviation, people expected more from these airports. Of course, safety and efficiency have always been the most important elements of an airport, but the passenger comfort levels and the modernness of the amenities are also highly considered. In light of that, let me present to you these Canberra Airport reviews, where I will discuss Canberra Airport’s aesthetics, quality of service, passenger reviews, and everything else that you need to know.

Passenger Reviews

To see how well they operate, let’s take a look at what flyers are saying about this particular airport. Based on Canberra Airport reviews that I have found on, a lot of them took note of how spacious the new terminal has become. Compared to the old airport terminal which, according to the passengers, was “poor” and “cramped”, the newly built terminal is now “bright” and “airy”.

Here, I have selected a few reviews from

Roger Stone, a previous flyer, said: “Compared to the poor and cramped small terminal that used to be here, the newly built terminal has fresh and airy conditions and quite good facilities.

Another flyer named D. Olsson left the subsequent review: “It’s great for passengers at the moment – huge amount of space, short queues for everything, lots of road access and parking great views of the runway, good lounges.

Most of the reviews from the aforementioned website talk about the size and modernity of Canberra Airport’s new terminal. However, as always, people always manage to point out some flaws. One flyer commented on how the airport signage designs were “appallingly bad”, stating that the minimalist signages can only be seen from a very short distance. Another previous flyer commented that the size increase made navigation a little bit difficult.

Personally, though, think that these inconveniences are largely outweighed by the major improvements.

Airport Aesthetics

Canberra Airport Reviews - Airport ImageWith 10 new aerobridges, a widened airport security screening area, 44 check-in counters, a new and improved food and beverage outlets, and a club lounge with more than 7,000 square meters of land area, I no longer need to say that this airport is huge. Layover passengers need not worry about their shopping needs thanks to “Relay”, a store that sells books, newspapers, gifts, and selected souvenirs.

The airport has a lot of help desks which are strategically located in different areas. The restrooms are modern and the toilet cubicles are fairly large. For those who possess a penchant for the arts, they can feast their eyes on the different sculptures installed in and around the airport terminal. Here’s a Protip: if you want to connect to a WiFi network, head over to the Qantas Club lounge which can be found next to gate 11.

How to Get There

The airport is located at Canberra International Airport ACT 2609, Australia. If you’re a passenger and are looking for a quick way to go to and from the airport, you can easily buy an Airport Express ticket, which costs $12 for a one-way trip and $20 for a two-way or return trip. Nearby landmarks include Redwood Grove Park and the Fairbarn Golf Course.

CBR Location, Traffic, and Service

With an estimated 3.7 million customers and 43,316 aircraft movements per year, Canberra Airport is known for being Australia’s eighth busiest airport. CBR has 2 runways and is served by two major airlines: Virgin Australia and Qantas.
On September 2016, Singapore Airlines will be the first international airline to offer non-stop flights four times a week, from Canberra–Australia’s capital city.

Terminal Maps

Canberra Airport Reviews - Terminal Maps

To view all available maps of the Canberra Airport, click here.


During the Australian Airports Association awards, Canberra Airport received two national awards, which were announced in Hobart, Australia. CBR’s “Here to Help” campaign has also been given the Innovation and Excellence Award for Customer Experience.

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Overall Impression

Considering the airport’s exceptional customer service, spacious lounge area, marvelous aesthetics, and first-rate security, I can personally say that Canberra Airport is one of the most improved and modernized airports in the world. If you are the type of traveler who doesn’t like crowded airports, then rejoice. Canberra Airport’s large, uncluttered ambience is waiting for you.


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