CheapAir Review

CheapAir Review

It is the first online travel agency in the United States that allowed travelers to pay for booked flights using Bitcoin in 2012 and the only US company allowed to book flights to Cuba since March 2015.

CheapAir is one of the very few companies in the country that’s focused with constantly innovating their services. Like many of the online travel agencies in the market, travelers would be able to book hotels, cars, and cruises for their dream vacations using the customer friendly website.

CheapAir also boasts serving over 3 million travelers since it was founded by Jeff Klee while he was just a student in the University of Michigan in 1989. It was originally called 1-800-CheapAir as it first operated as a call center travel agency in Los Angeles, CA.

CheapAir review CEO

CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee

By 2003, CheapAir switched from telephone service to the Internet as they launched This resulted to the constant increase in sales up to the present time. Add to that, the online travel company started accepting payments in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that could be transferred from person to person without needing a bank account. It is not backed by any government or by the gold standard like the traditional green back. However, it has been popular with consumers who favor electronic transactions rather than doing their purchases with cash. Apart from Bitcoin, CheapAir also accepts other digital currencies like Litecoin or Dogecoin.

Apart from that, CheapAir is the only US online travel agency allowed to book flights to Cuba. The lifting of travel restrictions to Cuba was just a few months back; however, travelers who wish to go to Cuba through CheapAir must at least pass one of the 12 authorised reasons to go there.

With the increasing popularity of CheapAir, especially that it’s trying to keep up with the times, trying to be trendy, and trying not to miss out in the action, this CheapAir review would look on the on the experiences of its previous customers.

Trendy yet pricey

Many of the customer complaints researched by this CheapAir review focused on being charged too much for a flight that was advertised at a low price.

One customer from Winnipeg said that they booked a flight because of an advertisement about a discounted travel package posted on the website However, the representative over the phone called them back said that the price had gone up. When the customer went back to the website, the discounted price on the package was still there. This unbelievable experience made the customer warn future customers not to trust CheapAir. They said “CheapAir misleads and lies to people. Be very careful.”

A customer from said they made an honest mistake on the booking of the ticket and asked if they could make a correction. The customer representative told them that there would be an additional $100 for the ticket update.

Another customer had to cancel a $1400 travel package with CheapAir. The online travel agency said to the customer that they would get a refund. However, the $1400 has not yet been charged back on the customer’s card.

Like going to the movies

This CheapAir review also looked at the online travel agency’s website and was completely immersed in a variety of bursting colors from the movie poster like links to their most popular travel packages across the US.

CheapAir review website

Apart from that, the customers simply need to fill in the information box on top of the website to book a flight. Also, customer would be able to sign-up to the regular email subscription at the bottom of the website.

Customers would also be able to locate the CheapAir hotline at the contact us link at the bottom of the page. The rest of the page would be a razzle dazzle of achievements CheapAir won over the years. Meanwhile, customers can also download the mobile app in iTunes for free. The mobile app also features the same options that can be accessed on the website.

Contact information

As for addition information about the online travel agency, this CheapAir review was able to research the following information:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 1-800-243-2724
  • Head Office Address: Los Angeles, CA.

Showbiz OTA

Like many of the movies featured in the big screen, customers of CheapAir claimed that the advertisements posted on the website are a work of fiction. The advertisement would hook a customer to book a flight and then a representative would call in the customer to tell them that the ticket price went up all of the sudden.

With a lot flair surrounding CheapAir at the moment with Bitcoin and Cuba flights in the news, the best thing CheapAir could do is live up to their word on the advertisement posted on their website.

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  1. Owen Mcguket

    I was about to book a flight with cheapair, then I saw this review. Thanks! Surely saved me the hassle.

  2. Paul00981

    their mascot looks like the character in FallOut, which is a bit creepy. sheesh..

    1. marion brent

      lol I also thought they looked a like. I guess these agent get customers through their advertisements? huh?

  3. Harley

    Looks like cheapoair also provides cheap services. If you’re planning on booking a flight with them, give it up. You will only be wasting your hard earned money.


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