CheapOair Review

CheapOair Review

With the increasing number of online travel agencies in the market, a traveler should not worry about their trips anymore. These online travel agencies should be able to handle the customer’s travel itinerary, guaranteeing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Aside from that, online travel companies have evolved in the past years and eventually grouped themselves within an umbrella company. This is the case with CheapOair. It is part of the the giant FarePortal that primarily focused in providing products and services to travelers in the US and around the world.

Sam Jain founded CheapOair in 2005. He is also the man behind the giant FarePortal. Since its inception, CheapOair has been contributing a lot in the asset generation of FarePortal. It boasts having the latest in travel market technology while providing “budget-savvy travelers” the capability to “explore the globe at a discount.”

CheapOair review CEO

CheapOair CEO Sam Jain

With 10 years of experience in providing travelers the best quality service there is, CheapOair should not have a problem with dealing with customer concerns. However, this CheapOair review found some bits of information that point to some alleged anomalies in the online travel agency’s services.

Distasteful Deals

A customer from Toronto booked a flight with CheapOair to Kodiak and apparently had to come back to Toronto a day early because his wife was expecting a child. He called CheapOair to make the adjustments but was given an alternate solution. The customer was advised to cancel his booked return ticket and just book a new one.

The customer told customer support that he was willing to pay extra just so he could return home without booking a new flight. However, the customer service representative insisted that they just cancel the ticket so the customer could get his “most travel” rewards points after he booked a new flight. At the end of the call, nothing was resolved and the airline would not even want to handle the ticket, like it was “covered with the plague.”

The customer ended up sitting in his hotel room wondering about the birth of his son.

A customer from British Columbia said that CheapOair robs its customers of their happiness. They said that they found out that the online travel agency books flight that cost around $100 to $300 more compared to the original price.

A customer from New York said that CheapOair is just cheap. After making adjustments on his booked flight with the online travel agency, they called the airline only to find out that the adjustments they made with their booked flight were not carried out.

CheapOair Cheap Packages

At the website, this CheapOair review discovered that customers would immediately be greeted by very inexpensive travel packages that would surely attract a travel, like moth would involuntarily follow the light. The deals are truly inexpensive. However, customers should be wary that there are the same schemes use by the online travel agency to snag a sale from unsuspecting customers.

Apart from that, CheapOair also has a mobile app for iPhones and Android phones. The smartphone app features access to several airline, car rental, and hotel deals.

CheapOair review mobile app

Contact Information

This CheapOair review was also able to gather the following information about the online travel agency:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 (212) 478-0335
  • Head Office Address: 135 West 50 Street #500, New York, NY 10020

CheapOair Bottomline

Although CheapOair is in fact one of the biggest online travel agencies in the US, it still has difficulty addressing common issues of travelers. Add to that, it seemed that CheapOair couldn’t care less whether these issues were addressed or not. Bottomline is that it wouldn’t hurt if CheapOair tried some empathy with its customers in order to find a solution to their concern.

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3 thoughts on “CheapOair Review

    1. bob richards

      Well, I too got stuck at an airport for several hours when my flight booking got cancelled for no apparent reason. I’ll never book with them again!

      1. Olga88

        The delays and sudden cancellation of bookings are absolutely disturbing, I might think twice before I’d book with them.


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