CheapTickets Review

CheapTickets Review

It’s not easy being a subsidiary of a major umbrella company of the online travel industry. In that sense, CheapTickets has been pumping muscle in order to be one of the top online travel agencies under the Orbitz Worldwide brand.

Orbitz Worldwide is a leading international online travel company. It owns several consumer brands like Orbitz, CheapTickets, ebookers, and HotelClub. This instance alone gives a very good reason for CheapTickets to beef up its performance in the travel industry, competing with its sister companies as well as the many other online travel agencies out in the market.

CheapTickets was founded in 1987 as a travel contact center in Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s founders Michael and Sandra Hartley dreamed of building an airline ticket consolidation company where they could buy cheap tickets and resell these for a relatively affordable price.

CheapTickets review website

After a decade, CheapTickets launched its website making it a pioneer in the online travel agency. It was later acquired by Cendant in 2000 and later bought by Orbitz in 2006. Since then, CheapTickets has been one of the top income generators of Orbitz Worldwide.

However in 2009, Orbitz faced charges of deceiving their customers with their false advertisements. This CheapTickets review will try to find out if the online travel agency was part of the deception concocted by its mother company.

CheapTickets Baloney

This CheapTickets review was certainly not amused with the loads of complaints pressed by former customers of the online travel agency.

A customer from Nairobi wanted to make changes on the dates of their booked flights to accommodate their work schedule. However, all they got was a confirmation through email that they changes on their tickets would be made within the next 24 hours. After that, no follow-up action was made with regard to their request. The customer tried to contact CheapTickets again to no avail.

A customer from Los Angeles said that they booked a ticket five months in advance believing that they bought the package at the lowest possible price. A few days before their trip, they got disappointed when they learned that another travel agency sold the same package at a lower price.

A customer from Thunder Bay, ON said that “CheapTickets has a terrible / antiquated payments system and customers pay the price: you may want to proceed with a booking or just cancel, but find yourself stuck in their pending status.” They advised customers not to deal with CheapTickets.

A lot of hoopla

After reading a bunch of complaints, this CheapTickets review got intrigued with what the online travel agency had to offer and went ahead to check their website.

As it turns out, CheapTickets does advertise packages at ridiculous prices. Some of the package are 50% off, while there are other featured items like hotel rooms worth below $50. It’s no wonder many awestruck customers took in the bait. It’s like a sailor listening to a mermaid sing, they just head out to oblivion and wake up to a violent thud.

On the other hand, CheapTickets also has a mobile app for both iPhones and Android phones. However, customer should be warned not to tap indiscriminately so as to avoid be duped by the unbelievable advertisements.

CheapTickets review mobile app

Also, this CheapTickets review found a set of self service options on the online travel agency’s website for customers who were too foolhardy and fell for their advertisements despite the many warnings posted on the Internet about the deceptive travel packages on the website.

Contact information

However, customer could still get to know CheapTickets better with the additional information researched by this CheapTickets review

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: Orbitz Worldwide (+1-312-894-6890)
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Chicago, IL

Cheap is (not) Good

Based on the complaints against the online travel agency, CheapTickets has taken cheapness up a notch. It has been alleged to post false advertisements on their website. Apart from that, it takes them a while to respond to complaints made by disgruntled customers.

Hopefully, CheapTickets would try to clean-up its act so that customers would believe it when they say it that “cheap is good.”

If this CheapTickets review was able to provide more information about the online travel agency, please leave a note at the bottom of the page.


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  1. Sussie Keller

    CheapTickets is really cheap. I mean come on, making money out of lies. That’s sleazy.

    1. albert sung

      you couldn’t have said it more plainly. they truly are one dubious travel agent. yes, they are..


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