CheapTickets Reviews 2016

CheapTickets Reviews 2016

CheapTickets Reviews 2016 - LogoAsk someone to show you their bucket list and you are bound to see at least one item that has something to do with traveling. This wouldn’t really come up as a surprise considering how amazing and vast our world is. At one point in a person’s life, he or she will develop a deep desire to see whatever is out there, and such a desire can only be satiated by traveling. Traveling, however, also comes with a few (or a lot, depending on your situation) hindrances. Planning a trip or booking a hotel is not an easy task. It can also be quite expensive. Luckily, the invention of the internet brought about a new age — the age of convenience and practicality.

Now, with the help of online travel agencies (OTA’s), you will be able to create your whole travel plan without having to leave your home. Nevertheless, some OTA’s are much better than others. Today we will be looking at CheapTickets, an online travel agency. These CheapTickets reviews 2016 version aims to provide travelers an idea on whether or not this travel agency is the right choice for their travel needs.

What is CheapTickets?

CheapTickets is an online travel agency founded in Honolulu, Hawaii back in 1986. They are a company focused on providing travelers a way to book flights, reserve hotel rooms, avail of travel packages and vehicle rentals.

Brief History

CheapTickets Reviews 2016 - Barney HarfordCheapTickets was founded by the Hawaiian couple Martin and Sandra Hartley in the year 1986. In the following year, they have opened their first call center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Not long after, two additional call centers were opened, this time, in Florida and California. CheapTickets is the daughter company of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.

Presently, the CheapTickets CEO is Barney Harford. A University of Cambridge graduate, Harford took on various roles in Expedia Asia Pacific. His roles included working as a Board Director and as the company President.

Cheap Customer Service: Beware!

A quick Google search of “CheapTickets Reviews” showed bitter results. Issues such as undelivered refunds, horrible customer service and extremely complicated flight alteration processes were showing up everywhere.

According to one CheapTickets customer, she had already booked a hotel via their website. Unfortunately, the hotel cut its ties with the OTA, yet despite this, the customer received no notification whatsoever. Another customer said that her flight was cancelled only hours before the departure time. According to her, the offered alternative was of extremely low quality. Rescheduling flights and reservations also proved to be a huge pain, some even said that they were asked to pay additional fees that were almost double the price.

Reading the reviews above, it would seem that CheapTickets is also offering some cheap customer service.

A Look at the CheapTickets Website

CheapTickets Reviews 2016 - WebsiteA look at the CheapTickets website shows you all the services that they offer. Customers may avail of airline flight tickets, hotel and vehicle reservations, cruise ship vacations and other packages with ridiculously low price tags. If you’re an inexperienced traveler or if you are not the type of person who reads online reviews, you would think that CheapTickets offers the best deals.

For all travelers out there, I advise you to thoroughly check a website’s credibility by doing quick google searches and looking at different user reviews. Remember, not all that glitters is gold.

Customer Service

The CheapTickets customer service hotline numbers are 1-888-922-8849 (for US callers) and 00 1 312-596-5786 (for international callers). Both numbers are available 24 hours daily. They also offer email support, just send your message to

According to the majority of people who have used their services before, the customer service is one of the worst you can possibly experience. People who expect decent support should stay as far away from this site as possible. Dropped phone calls and ignored emails are only two of the most common customer service issues that seem to pop up.

Contact information

The Verdict

After looking at the CheapTickets reviews 2016 above, I’m sure that we can all agree that they are not a good online travel agency. I think the lack of transparency is  the main problem here. Because CheapTickets is nothing but a middleman, they will not be able to give all the details regarding your trip. If you want 100% control over your vacation, do not use


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    My refund, which was supposed to arrive “as soon as possible” never did! It’s been three weeks y’all!


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