China Eastern Review

China Eastern Review

china-eastern-airlines-logoIt was once dubbed as the sleeping giant; later on, it was roused from its sleep to become a fiery dragon that’s ready to reclaim its throne. China is currently flexing its muscles and with every progressive step it makes, its airline industry helps pave the way towards progress. One of these airlines is China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines was established in 1988 under the supervision of the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority. However, it was not until 1997 when the China Civil Aviation Authority took over the financially ailing airline that it finally soared to prominence and became the country’s first airline to offer shares in the international market with the Chinese Government has the majority ownership of the airline.

In this China Eastern review, we give travelers a detailed overview about the airline’s service and learn what their previous customers can say about their service.


Liu Shaoyong serves as the chairman of China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited as well as its president. Shaoyong has a long history of workmanship in civil aviation industry, it all started when he was appointed as Vice president of China general aviation corporation in 1978. He became chairman of the airline on February 3th, 2009 and currently, a board member of International Air Transportation.

What people are saying

Based on customer reviews about China Eastern, it seems that the airline is haunted by different protests of dissatisfaction from their previous customers who expressed their remorse in using the airline. Moreover, the airline got poor average ratings based from Skytrax criteria.

Majority of passengers are disappointed with the airline’s poor performance in terms of delivering passengers on time, because majority of China Eastern flights are always delayed. This also caused customers to rush like hell just to meet their appointment on time. Aside from that, the general service of the airline is also terrible, their aircraft are not well maintained and the flight crew are grumpy, not to mention their poor communication with their passengers. They also criticized the airline’s website, which is very sluggish and can’t even process customers booking properly.

To sum up everything , their previous customers want future passengers to be wary to use the airline because of their crappy service.

China Eastern Website

iu6bx3RMeanwhile, as what some reviewers observed, their website is pretty sluggish and it takes to long just to change the language of the website, which is generally set in mandarin. Furthermore, the website allows customers to search and book their flights in the simplest way possible. The website is also packed with user friendly information and features that can assist customers, such as monitor flight status.  Moreover, they also advertised different promotional fares in different Chinese and European cities. Learn more about their website, here.

Customer Service

China Eastern customer service hotline may differ from customer’s point of origin. Evenmore, their United States customer service hotline is +1 800-200-5118 and available from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5:30PM and closed during Saturday and holidays.  


China Eastern flight service includes meals and beverages; with regard to their inflight entertainment, some of their aircraft are not equipped with entertainment features. Moreover, audio and video with shared cabin screen are the common inflight entertainments in most of their aircraft. Seats are convertible into flat bed and for business class passengers seat can be convert to angled bed.

About  China Eastern

AIRBUS-A330-300-CHINA-EASTERN-MEL-FEB12-RF-IMG_2741China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is a major that operates domestic and international flights. Chinese airline, which is hubbed at the 5th busiest airport in mainland China at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and a secondary hub at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The airline is the second largest carrier in terms of passengers with more than 413 aircraft in active service and flies passengers in more than 217 destinations. Furthermore, China Eastern and its subsidiary airline Shanghai Airlines is the 14th member of SkyTeam and has been since 2011.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 800-200-5118
  • Head Office Address: Shanghai, China


China Eastern Review and the overwhelming negative feedback about the airline’s service; passengers need to think twice about using the airline. I do not claim, whether these allegations of poor service about the airline are true or not. However, overwhelming and compelling feedback against the airline service will make you think twice to use their service.

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