Cincinnati International Airport Reviews

Cincinnati International Airport Reviews

Cincinnati International Airport Reviews - Cincinnati International AirportCincinnati International Airport (IATA Code: CVG), otherwise known as the Northern Kentucky International Airport, that handles most scheduled flights coming in and going out of Cincinatti. This major international air terminal is recognized for being Kentucky’s most used airport as well as Ohio’s second busiest terminal.

Today, we will be taking a gander at the latest Cincinnati International Airport reviews to find out the overall quality of the airport’s operations. This airport review article will help those future travelers who will someday find themselves inside the terminals of CVG. Please note that all the reviews posted below come from verified travelers who left their opinions on different airport review sites.

What people think of CVG

I think that its funny how a solitary airplane terminal could collect such diverse audits from their passengers. As per one domestic traveler, CVG is a quick and smooth in terms of efficiency, with security line generally lasts an average of six minutes, sometimes less. On the othe hand, another traveler who transited through this airport couldn’t help but contradict the positive Cincinnati International Airport reviews, saying that she needed to sit tight in the security zone for about 60 minutes, which was abnormal as she went to the terminal at 4AM on a Monday morning, with not much passengers around.

Fortunately, several passengers seemed to like the wide array of shopping selections in this airport. E. Baker, a traveler from the US, is one of them. Baker commended CVG’s shops and dining options, which made her feel a bit at ease. “This airport has great shopping options” Baker says. Not only that, but the said passenger also liked the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff. “During my connection this past week I left my cell phone in the airport. Within a day and a half the phone was turned in and I was contacted by airport security. The lady there was super friendly and helpful. My phone was shipped out to me immediately.

The look and feel

Cincinnati International Airport Reviews - Cincinnati International Airport InsideAirport sleepers may rejoice at the fact that Cincinnati Airport is a cozy little hub for many travelers who wish to spend the night at the airport instead of booking a short-time hotel room. Cincinnati International Airport is a humble little air terminal that comprises of three terminals. For the individuals who might want to stay inside for a little while, they may make a beeline for Concourse A and Concourse B located in Terminal 1. Presently, there is a sum of 20 restaurants and bistros which offer a wide cluster of mels on-the-go as well as some more formal, sit-down eating options. The terminal likewise highlights two dozen shopping stores which offers trinkets, array, confections, kids’ toys and others. For the full rundown of eatery and shopping choices, head over to this page.

Location – Traffic – Service

Cincinnati International Airport is situated in Hebron, Kentucky, USA, around six miles to the upper east of Cincinnati’s central area. The terminal has four runways: 18R/36L which is 2,438 meters in length, 18L/36R which is 3,048 meters in length, 18C/36C which is 3,353 meters in length and 9/27 which is 3,658 meters in length.

Last year, the terminal handled about 6,316,332 local and global travelers. Moreover, they also served of 133,068 air ship movements. The air is the center point for two traveler airlines: Ultimate Air Shuttle and Delta Air Lines and two freight transporters: DHL Express and DHL Aviation. Furthermore, it is additionally a center city for Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Air.

Terminal map

Cincinnati International Airport Reviews - Cincinnati International Airport Terminal Map

Visit this page to view all of CVG’s terminal maps.

Contact information



Regardless of the blemishes told to by a portion of the travelers who wrote the Cincinnati International Airport reviews above, it is still among the most very well-designed airports in the US. This is maybe because of its little size and the uncrowded flight activity. Joining that with the comfort offered by the airplane terminal’s offices, it is reasonable in what way numerous local people and guests hold CVG in high respect.


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    Great airport to get work done while you wait. The wifi at CVG is exceptionally fast.


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