Cleartrip Reviews

Cleartrip Reviews

Cleartrip Reviews logoDespite the dominance of American and European online travel agencies in the travel market, there are also relatively big players coming from other countries and continents other than North America and Europe. Surprisingly, these online travel agencies are not local websites; they are actually well attuned to the international setting.

One of these online travel websites is Cleartrip. It is a company that is operated by a majority of travel professionals and IT specialists coming from the Indian subcontinent.

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would be reading more about Cleartrip and how the company operates. Apart from that, travelers would be learning what previous customers of this online travel agency had to say about the products and services they tried, based on some Cleartrip reviews on the web.

An Indian agency

Cleartrip Reviews CEO Stuart Crighton

Cleartrip co-founder and CEO Stuart Crighton

Based on Cleartrip, customers would not only be able to book flights with the online travel agency. Now, customers can also reserve hotels and buy bus and train tickets. It was founded in 2006 and has their base of operations located in Mumbai, India.

Co-founder Stuart Crighton serves as the company Chief Executive Officer and Director. He is the brains behind the company’s strategic partnerships with hotels, airlines and other travel suppliers. Before landing on a big corner office in Cleartrip Travel Services Pvt. Ltd., Crighton served as the Head of South and West Asia of Abacus Distribution Systems.

Other than that, his early career started with Sodexho where he “developed a commercial business in their remote services division throughout Central Asia.” He then decided to settle back in India and helped build Orion CCG’s network of services business.

He was a business graduate from the University of London.

Although the company’s top executives may have excellent credentials in business management, there are still a lot of customers who complain about the products and services being offered by Cleartrip. The complaints range from alleged dubious hidden charges to rude customer support.

Cleartrip Reviews web1One previous customer could not hide their frustration when they found out that 55% of the ticket price they paid for was mostly add-ons that were not even posted on the website. When the customer tried to call customer support to ask for the details on the add-on charges, they were unable to reach customer support. When they did contact customer support, the agent had them wait for several minutes before the line was cut.

However, flights are not the only services that customers had problems with; there were also customers who complained about the hotel reservations as well as bus and train bookings. Truly, Cleartrip is making a mess of itself just basing from the negative feedback they had been receiving on the Internet.

Cleartrip Reviews mobileOn the other hand, customers who would be visiting the online travel agency would be seeing a huge search panel in the middle of the website. On the left would be the side menus for flights, hotels, flight + hotels, trains and buses.

Then, they also have a deals panel on the right side of the website.

Just below these three features, customers would be seeing the advertisement for the website’s mobile apps that are available for iPhones, Android phones or Windows phones. At the bottom most portion of the page, customers would be able to click quick links that could be helpful in completing their travel itinerary, like the FAQs link.

Contact information

Based on the Cleartrip reviews on the web, OTA Reviews was able to collect additional contact information for customers to use:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +91 9595 333 333
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Cleartrip, Unit No 001, Ground Floor, DTC Bldg, Sitaram Mills Compound, N.M. Joshi Marg, Delisle Road, Lower Parel (E) Mumbai – 400011

Cleartrip needs clarity

Cleartrip needs to clean-up their act if the negative feedback they’ve been receiving are all true. They need to be transparent with the products and services they offer so that they would be able to expand their business with ease.

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  1. Luke James

    I don’t mean to discriminate but most of their customer service representatives are not native english speakers and have a hard time understanding my Australian accent..


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