Denver International Airport Reviews

Denver International Airport Reviews

Denver International Airport Reviews LogoDenver International Airport (IATA Code:DEN), or more commonly known as DIA, is the largest airport in the US, based on the total land area. It spans roughly 53 square miles or 34,000 acres and even houses the longest runway in the US, with a total length of 16,000 feet.

In this article, we will be evaluating this airport’s quality by looking at the latest Denver International Airport reviews written by their previous passengers and visitors.

What People Are Saying

Since DIA is a huge airport, most of the Denver International Airport reviews talked about its unprecedented (in the US, at least) size. A lot of passengers expressed their admiration of the airports design. When you look at it from the outside, you will immediately notice the white, pointy roof design which somehow resembles a mountain range. Inside, people commented on how aesthetically pleasing it looks, with murals and paintings adorning some of the terminals.

However, a significant number of people complained about its size, saying that navigating the airport is difficult and that the oddly-designed signages only made their experience worse. Other than that, the passengers seem to be quite please with this airport’s facilities.


Denver International Airport Reviews InsideAs stated above,  the airport is huge, and navigating it is not an easy task. Thankfully there are four information/help desks which can be found in the Arrivals area Lvl 5, in the Jeppesen Terminal, and inside Gates A, B and C.

The toilets are huge, as expected, but there are no shower rooms available. In terms of food and beverages, you will not go hungry in DIA. Lots of food stores can be found in the Jeppesen Terminal and in Gates A, B and C. Lots of shopping stores including Duty Free shops, clothing stores and souvenirs.

If you need to connect to the internet, you may do so by accessing the free WiFi network named “DEN Airport Free WiFi”.

Ground Transportation

Denver International Airport is a highly accessible airport. Ground transportation includes taxi cabs, public buses, limousines, shared ride services, car rentals, hotel shuttles if you’re planning on staying at a nearby hotel, Amtrak Connections and Charter Buses.

Location, Traffic and Service

Denver International Airport is situated in Denver, Colorado, USA. It is 25 miles away from Denver’s metropolitan area. DIA has six runways: 7/25, 8/26, 16L/34R, 16R/34L, 17L/35R and 17R/35L.

With a whopping 54,014,502 annual passengers and 575,161 aircraft movements, the airport is recognized for being the sixth busiest airport in the US.

Terminal Map

Denver International Airport Reviews Terminal  Map

To view the full terminal map, visit this page.

Contact Details


DIA is indeed a massive airport. Whether you find this an asset or a hindrance will depend on your own tastes (and your ability to walk far distances). For those who want an architectural and interior design treat, this airport is definitely a must-see. Based on the Denver International Airport reviews, the passengers in general, experienced no major problem regarding the DIA’s facilities.

Are you visiting this airport sometime soon? Don’t forget to tell us about your experience, okay? Comment down below and let us hear your thoughts!


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  1. Alexandria Reeves

    The outside design is nice, but step inside and you will see all the creepiness that adorn this place. The paintings are so creepy, lots of strange symbolism, and some parts of DIA just feel deserted for a reason.


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