Domodedovo International Airport Reviews

Domodedovo International Airport Reviews

Domodedovo International Airport Reviews - Domodedovo International AirportRussia is known as the world’s biggest country in terms of geographical area and has played a pivotal role molding the history of mankind. The previous Soviet Union has been a place of interest as it isolated itself from the outside world with walls, and a larger part of the yet unseen areas on Earth can be found in this cross-country nation. Genuinely, Russian Federation is among the must-see places on Earth.

Today, we will take a look at the latest Domodedovo International Airport reviews to see what passengers think of Russia’s largest airport.

What people think of DME

Individuals have a considerable measure of things to say in regards to this air terminal and thinking back on what passengers said, it appears Domodedovo International Airport is plagued with various issues: unbearably slow and long lines at the customs counters, disorderly security control strategy, and restricted things to offer to passengers who wish to do a bit of shopping. Due to this, people suggested that the management perform lots of majors enhancements to the air terminal.


Domodedovo International Airport Reviews - Domodedovo International Airport InsideInside Domodedovo International Airport, you will find several facilities that passengers can utilize as they wish. These include: a 24-hour baby care room complete with a clothes dryer, a rest room, and a place to entertain children. There are also free baggage carts available, numerous food and beverage stalls (all of which are open 24/7), a shower room in the business lounge, 24-hour Duty Free shopping stores, and more.

Those who wish to connect to the internet may do so by accessing the MTS/Tascom_Free, MTS/Tascom, MTS_Wi-Fi_Free, or MTS_Wi-Fi networks.

Land transportation

Getting to and from the airport is possible through hotel shuttles, trains, public utility buses, car rental services, as well as taxi cabs. Keep in mind that some passengers complained about the taxi cabs being too expensive, so use them only when you must.

Traffic and service

Last 2014, the airport handled a total of 33,039,531 passengers and 253,500 aircraft movements. It has three runways, two of which are currently operational. The first one is 12,467 feet long while the other is 11,483 long, both of which are made from reinforced concrete.

Terminal Map

Domodedovo International Airport Reviews - Domodedovo International Airport Terminal Map


Terminal 1’s left wing will be extended. This extension will include a 235,000 square meter Terminal 2 or T2 and will be ready to open sometime around the year 2018.

Contact information


Despite being the largest airport in Russia, looking at Domodedovo International Airport reviews makes us realize that DME is far from perfect. It has lots of unsolved issues with the amenities, which further serves as a catalyst to the passengers’ annoyance.

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  1. ricky olson

    Have you experienced running from one gate to another in this airport? I have. It wasn’t fun. I reached my flight, but I was sweating waterfalls. I apologize to my seatmate if ever I reeked.


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