Dublin Airport Reviews

Dublin Airport Reviews

Dublin Airport Reviews - Dublin Airport LogoIreland’s capital, Dublin, is largely popular among locals and travelers for its village-esque atmosphere, stone streets, street performers, and wonderful nightlife. This city is served by Dublin Airport (IATA Code: DUB), a busy airport located 10 kilometers north of central Dublin. Domestic and international carriers fly to this airport , making it the busiest airport in the entire Ireland.

For the benefit of future travelers, let’s check out a few of the latest Dublin Airport reviews. We hope you find this helpful!

People’s opinions of Dublin Airport

Among the latest Dublin Airport reviews I found online, a majority of the passengers seem to have liked the airport’s compact size. With only two terminals, going in, out, or around DUB seems to be a breeze. People have noted that the airport’s efficiency is also something to take note of. Unlike other airports with long, unmoving queues, the lines in Dublin Airport flow smoothly most of the time.

Despite this, however, there are still a few minor gripes from the passengers. Despite the efficiency, the sheer volume of people traveling through this airport can get overwhelming at times. People feel that the airport is so full on some occasion and that foot traffic needs to be eased up a bit.


Dublin Airport Reviews - Dublin Airport InsideDublin Airport is not a very large one; it has two passenger terminals directly connected to each other, both of which are open 24 hours daily. A few passengers have noted that Terminal 1 looks a bit more worn compared to the newer Terminal 2, nevertheless, both terminals are still in very good condition and both are operating perfectly well.

Once inside, you may use the various facilities that the airport offers. For those traveling with young kids and infants, they may find the baby changing areas helpful. There is also a kids’ play zone found in Terminal 1 directly next to the McDonald’s restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, there is a wide array of dining concessions in both terminals, airside and landside. From fast food, and coffee shops to more formal, multi-course dining, passengers can be sure that they won’t go hungry while inside DUB. Click here to view the list of all restaurants and cafes in Dublin Airport.

There is free WiFi available in DUB. To connect, simply access the ‘eircom’ or ‘Dublin Airport Free WiFi’ networks. If you don’t have a mobile device or laptop, you can use the internet kiosks for a small fee.

Getting to DUB

Ground transportation that provide service to and from the airport include buses and coaches, car rental companies, and taxis. If you want to use the car rental service, you can find the rental desks in the Arrivals area of T1 and at the Multi-story Car Park of T2.

Airport traffic and service

Last 2015 was the busiest year (so far) for Dublin Airport. In that year, it handled a total of 25,049,335 domestic and international passengers as well as 191,233 aircraft movements.

The airport has two asphalt runways, one being 8,652 feet and the other 6,798 feet long. Moreover, Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional use the airport as a main hub.

Terminal Map


Dublin Airport Reviews - Dublin Airport Terminal 1 Map

Dublin Airport Terminal 1 Departures Map. Visit this page to view the full map of DUB.

Contact details


This busy airport is pretty well-loved by the travelers, it seems. The useful facilities and its efficiency are two of the airport’s strongest points. Despite the heavy traffic, the airport does not falter in providing great service to travelers. Based on the Dublin Airport I found, I can safely say that DUB is a great airport that is fully capable of handling the city’s visitors.

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  1. charles

    Efficient and very quick queues. Transited through T1 for my flight headed to Rome. Said flight was delayed but luckily, the cafes were nice.


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