eDreams Review

eDreams Review

“Great trips start with great prices.”

Going out on an adventure to different places locally and across the globe is a great ways of spending one’s vacation. These tours are not only fun, they also provide an avenue for both accumulation of information and relaxing entertainment.

eDreams provides all of these through their travel search engine. The online travel agency has been in the business for around 15 years and it has practically evolved to match the needs of most travelers.

The European Connection

eDreams was founded by James Hare and Javier Pérez-Tenessa de Block in 2000 with Pérez-Tenessa de Block serving as CEO until January 2015. Pérez-Tenessa de Block currently serves as honorary chairman after being replaced by Dana Dunne. However, other changes were made in eDreams apart from its top management.

eDreams review CEO

eDreams co-founder, Honorary Chairman Javier Pérez-Tenessa de Block

The Spanish online travel agency based in Barcelona had been acquired several times since 2006. First, TA Associates, an American private equity firm, bought eDreams from around €153 million. Then in 2010, Permira, a European private equity firm, purchased the company from TA Associates for about €350 million. With Permira being the biggest shareholder of the online travel agency, eDreams ODIGEO was formed through the merger with Go Voyages, Opodo, and Travellink.

eDreams review Odigeo

Currently, eDreams ODIGEO is the largest online travel agency in Europe while it ranks 5th in the world.

Being this large, this eDreams review would look at how the company performs in the travel industry and what their previous customers had to say about their services.

Money making machine

There had been a lot of complaints about the company especially at how they messed the flight booking of their customers. What’s worse is that they had been contacted several times and yet they still fail to provide an immediate solution the customers concerns or they delay the payment for the refund of cancelled tickets.

A customer from London said that they had been waiting for a refund worth £689.51 since April. The customer had already talked to eDreams customer service and ended up getting the runaround or being held on the phone for several minutes until the line goes dead. The customer got so fed up with the alleged lies they had been hearing from eDreams that they are now thinking of other alternative legal solutions to their request.

A customer from Minsk booked a flight Belgrade four days in advance. Apparently, eDreams had been having problems with the customer’s card and the customer was later informed about it through email. The customer was puzzled because they were able to book another ticket and other travel itineraries with the same card just a few moments before they got the eDreams email.

The customer replied to the eDreams email and told them to just cancel the booking if they were having problems with the card. eDreams did not answer back. This led to the customer waiting for another confirmation from eDreams, worried that the travel agency might charge the card. After more than two days of waiting, eDreams finally replied and requested a different card from the customer.

The customer was so flabbergasted. They even wondered if eDreams was joking. Was eDreams trying to prank an innocent customer? This eDreams review certainly hopes that that would not be the case, not unless the online travel agency is being managed by clowns.

The Euro Zone OTA

This eDreams review was able to check the online travel agency’s website and found it quite similar to the travel websites based in North America. However travelers should be mindful that since this is a European based travel agency, they had to pay in Euros.

Even the price of trips to the US were in euros. With that, customers have to convert the prices to euros if they do not live in the Euro zone, just to have an idea what the booked flights would cost them.

eDreams review euros

Another interesting feature of the eDreams website is the loading graphics. Since they are a travel search engine, the system take a few seconds to load everything in the screen. The customer is then treated to a loading graphics of a small plane and the progress bar in the middle of the page. It reminds this eDreams review of console games being loaded at the TV screen.

Apart from that, the online travel agency has email support that can be accessed by looking at the contact us link on the top of the website. The toll free numbers for both US and European based customers are also available at the upper right corner of the website.

Contact information

Add to that, this eDreams review was able to gather these additional information from the website.

  • Website URL: http://www.edreams.com/
  • Contact number: 1 844 539 6719
  • Head Office Address Barcelona, Spain

An eDreams Nightmare

Based on the complaints this eDreams review was able to collect, it could be said that the online travel agency has been conjuring nightmares for innocent travelers who still have no idea how they operate.

The response to customer concerns were very slow and at times sloppy that it resulted to customers just giving up even if the spent over a €100 for a travel package they were unable to use. The experience is more of a nightmare than be nestled in a dream.

If this eDreams review was helpful in future travel booking plans, don’t forget to write a comment at the bottom of the page.


4 thoughts on “eDreams Review

    1. marion rivera

      Well, I surely heard of them and the experience was horrible. I wish I never booked with them at all.

      1. martin alberto

        they’re not making dreams. they’re making nightmares. I was such a waste of time dealing with them. I was unable to enjoy my holiday because of them.

  1. Mistral

    Wanted to book a flight with this company, however, as a previous victim of undelivered refunds myself, I think I would just move away.


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