Egencia Reviews

Egencia Reviews

Egencia Reviews - Egencia Logo
Finding a reliable online travel agency is one of the greatest problems of modern travelers nowadays. A resourceful and competent travel agency is very hard to find, a lot of travel agencies on the Internet would promise everything, but would only give a limited service. Add to that, a few agencies specialized either on business travel or leisure travel.

In these Egencia reviews, we give travelers a better overview about one of the well-known travel agencies that specialized in business travel and learn what their previous customers may say about their service.

What people are saying

Based on customers’ feedback online, it seems Egencia is bombarded and swarmed by disappointed customers. Their website alone is battered by overwhelming complaints, especially problems about booking using their website. The website was bugged and sluggish, processing customers reservation would always receive an error message and until now, this issue is unresolved.

In addition to the poor performance of their website, Egencia customer services are terribly poor and majority of customer are not satisfied with their slow and unreliable service. Most of the time, agents messed up material aspect of customer’s reservation; all the time, customers need to call them just to correct their previous error, which is very unacceptable for customers to go back again and again to the issue that should be fixed in the first place.

Customers also notice that price listing of the company is way higher compared to other online travel agencies and more expensive, if you go directly to airline company.

Egencia Website

Egencia Reviews - Egencia Website

Meanwhile, if you are going to talk about the physical features of their website, we can say that it is pretty impressive. It offers a next generation of business travel in a more easy way of booking your vacation. It also offers a robust inventory of hotel, air, car, and rail options using their website. Learn more about their website here.

Using Egencia TripNavigator mobile app customers can manage their itineraries in a more simplified way, TripNavigator is available in Google Play store and Apple Apps store for free.

Since Egencia helps companies on their business travels, customers may visit their website fill up their form to contact their sales team here or call them using  1-866-328-0110. Their customer service assistance is available at their customer service hotline is available via +44 (0) 161 233 5500.

About Egencia

Egencia is one of the subsidiary brand of Expedia, Inc. An american based travel company, who also operates online travel brands. Moreover, Egencia provides solutions on business travels of companies. Founded in 2002 and has nearly 3,000 employees worldwide. As of 2014, the company Egencia five times faster compared to their competitors.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +44 (0) 161 233 5500
  • Head Office Address: 333 108th Ave NE #300, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States


Based on these Egencia reviews and the overwhelming feedback about their service, it’s seems that they are not well recommended especially for travelers who want a convenient service. Given the fact that their service is more expensive compared to other travel agencies is a good reason not to deal with them. Not to mention their poor customer service.

Although, we do not deny or affirm these allegation against them. However based on first hand experience from previous customers, travelers need to be wary in dealing with them

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2 thoughts on “Egencia Reviews

  1. john smith

    I must use Egencia because it is the company’s policy. Their website is terrible. Their smartphone apps crashes. The hotel selection is so confusing. They put their rates on the top so most often the hotels are prepaid. The other choices are being hidden on the bottom of the list. Egencia is about their maximum profit and all about them. Not very honest travel agent company.

  2. JPM

    The App is good, but you pay in full when you check into the hotel. I had black mold in my room around the toilet tank at the Sheraton in Austin Tx. They would not refund my money and Egenecia tried to get a refund but had no luck. As a customer you have no recourse if issues with the room. Rooms were cheaper on, going forward I will book direct with the hotel and will not use this app, if they want to be successful they need to figure out a refund option in circumstances.


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