FareGeek Review

FareGeek Review

“We geeks are just super-passionate about our hobbies.”

– Chuck and Beans

There are certain people or groups who simply love what they do, they do with such passion. This is what FareGeek would want the world to see them – “an online travel company which is determined and dedicated to becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive online booking experience full of relevant information and helpful review.”

Founded in 2006, FareGeek prides itself as one of the first completely independent flight booking engines. Apart from that, it also has recently upgraded its online features to include “the ability to book one-way and multi-segment flights, access to special rates for children and infants and your choice of economy, discounted business or first class reservations.”

Then again, how does FareGeek fare in the online travel agency market and what do previous customer say about their services? This FareGeek review would check what it takes to be FareGeek.

Fair Weather FareGeek

Currently, the company’s marketing strategy looks so great that it may compel anyone to travel right away and use their service exclusively. Their advertisements look compelling, but at the same time quite deceiving as well. However, the case is far more complicated than that.

For starters, if a customer decided to cancel their request, they would still be charged a hefty amount.

Due to their alleged fraudulent pricing, many customers have been wary of this site. Add to that, if a customer would just scan through the many reviews and feedback on FareGeek posted on the Internet, they would be able to see a lot of unsatisfied customers.

It would seem that the testimonials on the FareGeek website were manipulated to attract more customers. This FareGeek review found several complaints particularly with regard to the online travel agency’s exorbitant cancellation fee.

A customer from Moncton used FareGeek’s service once and swore that they would not use it again. The customer tried to cancel a booked flight overnight due to some family emergency. The customer had to pay a high cancellation fee in order for things to start rolling. The customer was terribly disappointed with what happened.

Also, a customer from Calgary had a bad experience when they had to make adjustments on their booked flight. They never realized that there were hidden charges if they had to make changes on the travel itinerary. They ended up paying double for the flight they booked.

An offer that cannot be refused

Meanwhile, when this FareGeek review checked the online travel website, it soon found out that FareGeek had several interesting offers. The offers they had included transcontinental flights, which included flights from North America to Asia, like their Montreal to Delhi package for $2450.

FareGeek review website

Apart from that, FareGeek also provides the following range of services to its users:

  • Hotel Reservations – customers can search for and reserve themselves a room easily over the Internet via the FareGeek site. However, a lot of people have complained that FareGeek always books a wrong room and often at a very huge amount of money.
  • Flight Reservations – FareGeek allows travelers to check the available flights to and from various destinations, to compare any flight prices or to check the schedule. It is easy to do so without the hassle of going to offices or waiting in lines. Then again, the flight reserved is not even of the right schedule and no one from customer service could help or answer at the last moment.
  • Car Rentals – Customers can search for car rentals, and compare and look for low cost rentals for your needs.
  • Learning about Transfer and Activities – It is also possible to search for any recent activity their prefered destination.
  • Cruise Information and Booking – Customers can book a cruise via FareGeek service at the lowest prices. FareGeek also advertised lots of savings and deals for customers who book a cruise with them.

Contact information

On the other hand, this FareGeek review was able to collect a few more helpful information that customers could use in contacting FareGeek.

  • Website URL: http://faregeek.com/index.php
  • Contact number: 1-888-856-9327
  • Contact Email: Fares@faregeek.com
  • Head Office Address: Faregeek Inc, 836 West El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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Unfair FareGeek

Based on what previous customers had been saying about FareGeek, it could safely be said that customers were treated unfairly by the online travel agency. Having over a decade of experience in the travel industry, the least that FareGeek could have done is to provide a very passionate and dedicated service to their customers.

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4 thoughts on “FareGeek Review

    1. Jessica Moreno

      I couldn’t agree more. I tried their service before, then I ended up regretting it. Spent over a 100 more compared to the previous agent I booked with.

      1. Raphael Fuego

        Treating customers unfairly is an understatement. I’d say robbing customers is the more appropriate phrase. Booking with them was the worst decision I made.

  1. Marcus

    I booked a flight last year (August 2015) but had to change the date to September 3, 2015. After re-scheduling, I had been notified that I my card was charged. Not a trustworthy website at all. Honestly, just go look for better OTAs out there.


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