Fiji Airways Review

Fiji Airways Review

fiji-airways-logo-01Firstly known as Air Pacific that served mainly the minuscule colonial islands of Great Britain in South Pacific Ocean. It’s not until 2012  that  the airline was reintroduced as Fiji Airways to reinforce its role as the national airline of Fiji. A relatively small airline during its maiden years, the airline provide a unique service which reflects the airline’s current form.

Today, Fiji Airways serves as the leading airline in the country which serves as the pride of the republic that bares its name. Furthermore, in this Fiji Airways Review, we give travelers a better overview about this extraordinary airline. We are also going to talk about what their previous customers can say about their service.

Fiji Airways seems to have a fairly average service based on passengers feedback about the airline and manage to get a an above average rating based on Skytrax criteria. Moreover, they garnered numerous recommendations from their previous passengers.

Aside from affordability Fiji Airways was greatly admired for their decent service. Majority of customers are pleased with the airline’s flight crew professional service. Aside from that, inflight amenities are quite outstanding; and these all come at an affordable price. Not to mention the pleasant decor of their aircraft.

However, the airline is not spared from criticisms, some passengers noticed the poor selection of in-flight entertainment of some of the airline’s aircraft which are only limited to movies. Apart from that, Fiji Airways have some issues of delayed flights.

Fiji Airways Website

p2dEbCUMeanwhile,  their website is pretty simple and can be utilized for managing flights and searching available flights. Moreover, it’s equipped with different important information that can assist passengers for a safe journey. They also advertise promotional round trip packages with relatively affordable prices. Learn more about their website, here.

In addition to their website, Fiji Airways offers a mobile application for smartphones that  provide an up to date flight information. Fiji Flights is available in Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store for free.

Service hotline with Fiji Airways may differ with customer’s country of origin. Moreover, their service hotline in Fiji is available via +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388 and ready to assist customers 24 hours a day. For more customer service hotline, customers may visit their website for more details, here.  

About Fiji Airways

FJ LIVERY_02_9868LRFiji Airways, also known before as Air Pacific, is the flag carrier of Republic of Fiji, an obscured minuscule island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. The airline caters international and domestic flights in more than 17 destinations using mainly its main hub Nadi International Airport and Nausori International Airport as its secondary hub.

Relatively a small airline, it has only a fleet size of nine aircraft in active service which consist entirely of Boeing and Airbus aircraft  Fiji Airways offers only two flight classes: Business class and Economy flight class. Also, inflight services differ with passenger flight class and routes. For economy passengers, meals and beverages are served; however, short haul flights are only served snacks and beverages.   Moreover, Business class flights passengers can enjoy a different service compared to economy passengers. Restaurant quality meals with complimentary beverages are served. Aside from that, they can indulge up to 48-inch seat pitch with 18 inch recline.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +679 672 0888 or +679 330 4388
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Nadi, Fiji


Based on Fiji Airways Review, I’m having an impression that small airlines tend to have more satisfied customers compared to bigger airlines. In the case of Fiji Airways, the airline may have received criticisms, but they still manage to receive an overwhelming approval from their previous customers, mainly because of their unique service which greatly affect passengers perception about them.

What can you say about Fiji Airways? We would like to know your opinion, feel free to leave a message below.


2 thoughts on “Fiji Airways Review

  1. Ainna_mendoza Post author

    this is the first time i heard this airline. i think, smaller airline tend to manage meticulously their service that why they ten to have a good service compared to bigger airlines.

  2. rob mcelwee

    My husband flew to Fiji to help a charity organization and they flew with Fiji Airlines. He told me about how well they were treated by the crew and they were even given some complimentary refreshments and snacks.


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