FlightArrivals Reviews

FlightArrivals Reviews

FlightArrivals Reviews logoFor the traveler at heart, there is nothing like arriving safely at your destination and avoiding any hassle during the whole duration of the flight. It’s always a boon to have a wonderful journey that someone can always keep in their hearts and minds as a token from a fantastic experience.

This fleeting gleeful experience is what FlightArrivals.com tries to preserve in every journey of their customers. They promise to provide helpful and useful information to passengers that would reduce the hassle of predicting expected time of arrivals on their travel destination before booking a flight.

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would be reading about the online travel agency and how it operates. Also, travelers would be reading feedback from previous customers based on FlightArrivals reviews on the Internet.

Real-time arrivals, departures and more!

FlightArrivals.com promises to provide “an independent and comprehensive real time arrival/departure/delay/seatmap/airline information for airline flights operating to/from/within the United States and Canada.” They pride themselves of being the only online travel agency that offers unmatched services in terms of scope.

FlightArrivals Reviews TISThe online travel agency is a subsidiary of IT developer Technology Integration Services Inc.. The computer consultancy firm guarantees that FlightArrivals.com would have an easy-to-use design. Add to that, the website’s new design would offer “more amazing features and 3D visualization of fleets, aircraft, seats and airport terminals in addition to extensive search options, airport statuses, weather information and much more.”

Meanwhile, the online travel agency is ranking poorly on social media websites since it is rarely mentioned on social network pages. Add to that, there are very few information about the website and what previous customers tell about the services the online travel company has to offer.

On the other hand, it seemed that the website is able to provide the information they promised. At the homepage, travelers would be greeted by a wide navigation panel where customers can search for arrivals, departures, airports, route maps, seat maps, aircraft, airlines, states, statistics, and gallery.

FlightArrivals Reviews webpageOn the left column, travelers are offered additional options like search, seat maps, route maps, airport maps, fleet maps, and gallery. The online travel agency also offers “extensive arrivals and departure search options.

Apart from that, the new set of tabs offers a quick view of over 500 seat maps from over 60 airlines. Add to that, domestic and international route maps are provided by just one click away.

As for airports, the online travel agency offer airport status, terminal layout and more. Add to that, FlightArrivals.com offers a gallery containing thousands of aircraft and airport images that would surely brighten any travelers’ mood.



FlightArrivals.com is certainly an aesthetic wonder thanks to the upgrades they applied in the previous months. However, the online travel agency offers very little information about its organization as well as contact information.

On the other hand, there are no negative reviews about the company, which could also be a positive mark for FlightArrivals.com.

Contact information

  • Website URL:            http://www.flightarrivals.com
  • Contact number:        +1 703 860 0049
  • Fax Number:            +1 703 860 2549
  • Head Office Address:        Technology Integration Services Inc., 12359 Sunrise Valley Dr, Suite 120, Reston VA20191

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  1. Martha Coller

    It’s a nice flight tracking app that helps friends and relatives know about your flight status. Very helpful indeed.


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