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FlightHub App Review

Flighthub App Review - Flighthub App LogoWith the ascent of mobile phone and tablet use, innovation has turned into a staple piece when purchasing, arranging, and finalizing our day to day transactions. From finding shrouded jewels, to simply discovering your path home in the wake of a monotonous night out, mobile applications have made travel more secure and a lot less inconvenient.

In fact, in the past few years, the number mobile users who use their devices as a means to surf the web is now greater than users who use their desktop computers. The reason is obvious: convenience.

With that idea, FlightHub, an Ontario based online travel agency, recently released their own travel app for iOS and Android. In FlightHub App review, let’s see what features that it has to offer.

The ratings

The ratings, although still few considering it being released just recently, are mostly positive. The users who downloaded the app lauded it for its ability to provide the cheapest airline tickets. According to one user, the app works better and faster than the mobile website.

What does it do?

Flighthub App Review - Flighthub App iOS

Flighthub App for iOS

Flighthub App Review - Flighthub App Android

Flighthub App for Android

Much like their website, FlightHub’s mobile app allows travelers to search for the necessary services that can aid them in their trips. Their services include the basic flight search and booking. It allows users to choose their seats via interactive seat selection map. I tried using this feature and I find that doing seat selection on mobile is a lot easier.

Aside from flight services, the app also allows travelers to search for car-rental services in more than 30,000 locations across 170 countries. Among the car rental companies I saw were Hertz, Sixt, and AVIS.

Moreover, the app also comes with a hotel booking feature — which I really find useful, as I rarely fly but I always go to other cities, hence my frequent need for accommodation services. According to their app description, FlightHub has 900,000 condos, hotel rooms, and apartments for you to choose from. You may also view the location of each hotel via the interactive map included in the app. 

With so many features to utilize, traveling to new places has never been easier. I will personally be using this app to look for the latest flights whenever I plan on traveling, be it domestic or international.

The overall verdict

Overall, I can see how useful the FlightHub app can be. As a traveler myself, I rarely just fly with one airline. I like to be given the freedom to choose from different ones, allowing me to compare and contrast the prices and services of each. Same goes for my hotel booking. If I go to a certain area, I often scour the web for hotels with the cheapest room rates. In fact, I see myself using this app for my personal and work-related trips simply because it just most of the features that I need.

What do you think of this app? Do you have your own Flighthub App review? Don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving your comment below!


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