FlightHub Review

FlightHub Review

With its headquarters located in Ontario, FlightHub has been enjoying over two decades of relatively unwavering patronage from its customers. In mid-2015, FlightHub launched its website and further expanded the online travel agency’s already broad reach across North America and the world.

FlightHub is among the most popular online travel agencies thanks to the constantly increasing number of satisfied customers it won over time. Apart from that, the satisfied customers have been leaving reviews online, proof of the effective and efficient service FlightHub has to offer.

In this FlightHub review, travelers would have a sneak peek at what’s going on behind the fantastic operations of the 20 year old online travel agency.

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The FlightHub promise

Like many of the online travel agencies in the web, FlightHub guarantees full customer satisfaction. However, it’s only one of the very few out there that have a set of goals guiding it in delivering the best service there is in the travel industry.

Among those goals are instant e-ticket delivery, delivery of cheapest possible price, show all-in pricing, no hidden fees, no extra charges and on-call resolution. Apart from that, FlightHub also has an exclusively developed infrastructure that gives the online travel agency direct access to several wholesalers, airlines, and hotel suppliers in Canada.

With all the current features and goals set in place, this FlightHub review would now look at the actual experiences of previous customers.

A brand of quality

A customer from New York said that booking flights with FlightHub was very easy. The customer support was very friendly and their prices were very reasonable.c

Meanwhile, a customer from Virginia said that they were referred to two sights when they tried to book a flight. They finally went with FlightHub because they offered more features and services as compared to the competition.

A customer from Alberta said summarised their experience in three words fast, easy and affordable. They added that this was the first time they booked a flight online and with the great customer service experience they had, they said they would surely be booking through FlightHub in the future.

Add to that, a couple had been searching the Internet for two days for the cheapest airfares to Canada. Eventually, they ended up with FlightHub and they did not regret making that choice. They added that the airfare posted on the website was reasonably priced and were not insanely low that it would make any person look at the it dubiously.

No-frills website

The moment a customer visits the FlightHub website, they would be greeted by the panel where they put in their travel information on the left and then the latest promotions on the right.

FlightHub review website

On the other hand, there is a travel guide at the bottom of the website where customers could click a featured city and learn more about it. Also at the bottom of the page, customers would be able to see the toll-free number for FlightHub, which is already posted on the upper right corner of the website as well.

Speaking of the customer support hotline, the FlightHub website also provides self-help options like references on hotels and insurance.

Contact information

On the other hand, this FlightHub review was able to gather additional information regarding the online travel agency.

  • Website URL: http://www.flighthub.com/
  • Contact number: 1-800-900-1431
  • Contact Email: beta@flighthub.com
  • Head Office Address: 11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3

The OTA of the future

There are only a few instances wherein people post positive reviews about an online travel agency. That’s what makes FlightHub exceptional, it is one of the trusted brands in the travel market thanks to the continuous support of satisfied customers that used and keep on using their services.

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6 thoughts on “FlightHub Review

  1. Jonny b

    First time I use this site. Was looking everywhere for best price to go to Paris and found Flighthub. Easy to use website with good prices..

  2. I'mJake83

    I’ve booked with them since the beginning, would surely book with them in the coming Christmas holidays!

  3. Saul

    Cheap flights, reliable services and a nice looking website to boot! Will definitely book with them again

  4. Aster

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience I spoke with several agents regarding change of dates to my flight due to emergency reasons, They all gave me different information. I asked to speak with their supervisor and the supervisor gave me false informations. He said my options are to pay $590 or I lose my money if I do not go on original dates. I told him I have a year to use it of course with some penalty. But he totally lied to me and said no you lose your money. But I called the airline directly and save all my Money and book new flight. By the way he gave me fake name and ID #.
    Just you know, when they say I will connect you with supervisor, they put you in hold and bring one of them and already planned to say whatever they want him to say. I have really bad experiences. I know they said it is recorded but I wish they can review our conversations especially with the supervisor. I will totally be happy if they review it. I Will NEVER USE them AGAIN


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