Fly Reviews

Fly Reviews

Traveling across the globe and visiting destinations that are frequented by tourists for their unforgettable scenic spots are truly any person’s dream. However, people fear that traveling to international locations can burn a hole in their pockets. However, people no longer have to be filthy rich to be able to fly abroad at the present time.

Currently, there are a lot of budget airlines that travelers can choose from; these airlines have also partnered with online travel agencies to provide the widest selection of inexpensive travel packages in the market. If the budget fits the bucket, travelers are able to explore the world by checking the Internet and plan ahead.

Travelers may even be able to save a few dollars. In these updated Fly reviews, travelers would have a sneak peek at one of these online travel agencies,, and determine if they are one of the best in providing affordable and amazing flight packages to travelers around the world.

Fly Reviews CEO Christopher J. Loughlin

Fly CEO Christopher J. Loughlin

A travel network’s origins

It was summer of 2008 when Travelzoo gathered a group of I.T. and travel specialist to form a design team that would build The goal of the online travel agency was to help people find the finest in affordable airfares. However, the company is not more than just a booking site. As Fly shows customers what are the best inexpensive flights in the market, they also point the customers on the websites where to book the flights.

Currently, Christopher J. Loughlin stands as the CEO of Fly. Loughlin started his career at Marks and Spencer PLC in London. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Technology and Management, with honors at Staffordshire University in the UK and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.

The Elegant website

Fly Reviews LogoThese Fly reviews dubbed the online travel agency’s website as simply elegant. Apart from that, customers can find not only cheap flights, but also compare prices with over 400 airlines and travel sites. Over the next 90 days on 1000+ routes, their fare calendar shows the best prices. Fly will also alert travelers if it’s cheaper to travel with a nearby airport because they have a “nearby airport savings” feature. Lastly, they offer a flight+hotel package so that you can save even more.

Customer Service based on feedback

Being an online travel search engine, Fly provides a feedback section for customers to post a comment about their concerns and an FAQs section for individuals who have hearing disabilities; or for customers who just prefer reading rather than talking to customer service. representatives For your queries regarding booking, payments, altering flights or cancellations, customers can contact the airline or the travel agency where they booked the ticket. These Fly reviews provides a list of partners:


Contact Information

These Fly reviews was also able to collect additional contact information, which customer’s can use to get in touch with the online travel agency cum travel search engine. For starters,’s main office is located at 590 Madison Avenue, 37 FL, New York, New York 10022. Their company size is 11 to 50 employees. Apart from that, below as just some additional contact information:

A travel search engine can do more

These Fly reviews was able to verify a lot of details regarding the company’s mission and website. As was discussed earlier, is more of a travel search engine than an online travel website. However, this should not stop the company from dreaming big and evolve into a full-pledged online travel agency in the future.

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