FlyChina Reviews

FlyChina Reviews

FlyChina Reviews 02Several online travel agencies have started specializing the services they offer to their customers. Some of these travel agencies focus only on select sectors of the travel and tours industry like flights, land transportation, and hotels. On the other hand, there are other online travel agencies that focus their specialization on destinations.

Among these online travel agencies that focus on specialized destinations is FlyChina. It has been in the travel and tours industry since 1997. Curiously, the headquarters of the online travel agency is not in China but in Florida, USA.

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would be reading about and the online travel agency operates. Apart from that, travelers would also be reading on FlyChina reviews on the Internet and learn more about their customers’ feedback.

Your Low Fare Leader

FlyChina Reviews 03Based on their website, is an online travel company with a strong commitment towards those traveling between China and the United States. It has built-in features for their regular customers like the “Low Fare Wizard.” The online travel agency boasts that their “’Low Fare Wizard’ has revolutionized the process of online booking and is continually being updated to better serve your air travel needs.”

The online travel agency also take pride of their membership, appointment, and endorsement to several renowned international regulatory firms in the travel and tours industry like Better Business Bureau in the Online Reliability Program, Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), and International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATA).

Meanwhile, there are very few FlyChina reviews posted on the Internet. The good news is the very few reviews out there give a thumbs up to the online travel agency.

On the other hand, travelers who would be checking the website would see all the resources they need at the homepage – a search panel, a main navigation bar packed with options, and several advertisements on featured travel packages. It looks the same as any other online travel agency.

At the bottom of the homepage, there are quick links for “flights,” timetables,” “reconfirmation,” “my itinerary,” “insurance,” “travel info,” “FAQ,” “About us,” “Privacy,” and “Chinese Edition.” As for their “Low Fare Wizard,” it is not indicated explicitly in any of the quick links on the homepage. A travelers must first register to the website to access the special features of the online travel agency. However, travelers can access it on this link.


Perhaps the winning characteristic of FlyChina is in its simplistic design. Add to that, it customers see a no fuss travel agency that is able to deliver affordable flights to China. Then again, it could be that only a handful of people give their comments on the online travel agency because there’s nothing special about their services. With lesser features, the travel agency commits lesser mistakes.

Contact information

  • Website URL:  
  • Contact number:        1-800-318-1363
  • Contact Email:  
  • Fax Number:            (561) 443-3308
  • Head Office Address:        FlyChina Infotek, Inc., 951 Yamato Rd, Suite 106, Boca Raton, FL 33431-4425, USA

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