Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport Reviews

Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport Reviews

Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport Reviews - Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport LogoPortugal’s second largest city, Porto (or Oporto in English), is a sprawling metropolitan area that is home to approximately 1.4 million citizens. Porto is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site due to its history, which dates back to several centuries ago. Travelers from abroad flock this city for a chance to experience its wonders first-hand. These travelers will most likely enter the city through Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport (IATA Code: OPO), otherwise known as Porto Airport.

This international airport is known for being the second busiest airport in Portugal in terms of passenger and aircraft traffic.

Today, we will be taking a look at Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport reviews written by the previous passengers who transited through the terminal. Are the facilities qualified enough to handle the volume of passengers? Let’s find out!

Efficient, friendly, and modern

Well, how fortunate! Future passengers need not worry about traveling to Portugal’s second largest city because based on Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport reviews, the airport is one of the best airports you can ever visit!

The terminal is quite compact and passengers like it that way. People appear to like smaller airports compared to larger ones simply because it gives off a cozy atmosphere. Other passengers also praised OPO for employing friendly staff that are more than willing to help passengers and guide them to their specific gates. Martin B., a traveler from Prague, left the following review on Yelp:

One of the friendliest airports I have been to, and I have been to a few at 5 continents. The security is very efficient, seating is plentiful and the size is just right to do a little shopping while still being able not to lose your kids.

The review above perfectly sums up what other passengers think of OPO. An efficient, friendly, and modern airport that makes air travel a little bit more comfortable.


Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport Reviews - Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport InsideThe atmosphere inside Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport is one that evokes feelings of coziness and awe. Passengers were highly pleased with OPO’s compact yet spacious halls, as well as the modern facilities that make air travel a lot more tolerable.

The airport has clean bathrooms and shower areas, sufficient seating, power outlets for laptops and other mobile devices, limitless and free WiFi, free water fountains, and internet kiosks.

Those who need to withdraw cash or exchange currency may proceed to the ATMs and money exchange booths located in both airside and landside.

There are several dining concessions in OPO. From formal dining, fast food, to conveniently placed vending machines, an empty stomach would not be a problem here. However, as of the writing of this article, no 24-hour food concession is available in the airport.

Airport shopping is also a great way to spend your time here. You can buy almost anything you need from the numerous stores inside, from fashion accessories, clothes, jewelry, wine and spirits, tobacco, and more. Duty-free stores are likewise available.

Ground transportation

If you don’t own a vehicle, going to and from the airport is made possible by the numerous public and private ground transportation options. Local and private shuttles and buses provide their transportation services here. If you prefer a more private ride, you can ride taxi cabs and car rentals.The Metro Line E runs to and from OPO and Estádio do Dragão starting 6AM to 1AM..

Location, traffic and service

Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport is situated about 6.8 miles northwest of central Porto. Last 2015, OPO handled a total of 8,077,098 passengers and 88,986 aircraft movements. OPO serves as the hub for TAP Portugal as well as a focus city of RyanAir and easyJet airlines.

The airport uses one asphalt runway that spans a total of 1,417 feet.

Contact details


Looking back at the Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport reviews above, we can definitely say that OPO is an world-class airport that can handle air travelers coming from various countries all over the world. It may not be the largest airport but it certainly is among the best ones out there.


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  1. miguel_torres

    Rather small compared to some airports in the US that I’ve visited, but I prefer it that way because it’s not very difficult to navigate


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