Getaroom Review

Getaroom Review

getaroom_logoIt is a relatively young player in the growing online travel industry. is predominantly well known for the wide range of hotels they offer to their customers, as they claimed they provide the best services and options for hotel accomodations. However contrary to their claim, it seems that their previous customers seem to have a different story to tell.

In this Getaroom’s review, we give readers an overview about this hotel accommodation website and know how their customers’ reviews reflect the kind of service they offer.

Bitterly criticized for their faulty service,  it’s not surprising for to receive a poor rating from their previous customers. Add to that, reviewers bluntly state that travelers should stay away from the company, because of their incredulous services.

Majority of negative feedback about this service website is about their poor refund policy they implement which is very inconvenient, much worst, some passengers were dissatisfied because they never receive the full refund they deserve.

It also very evident that majority of reviewers also experienced awful treatment from the company’s customer service representatives. Apparently, according to customers, the booking process handled by these customer reps were full of mistakes. Website

2FMboQDMeanwhile, their website is pretty awesome, it’s not too fancy and not too complex and it offers a user friendly navigation panel wherein you can search available hotels in more than 130,000 hotels worldwide based on your criteria. As a matter of fact, aside from the searching panel, the website prominently promote some of the best hotels in in different major cities around the world on the website. Moreover, special deals are offered via customer service hotline.  Fascinating to know about their website currency can be change based on customers preference, and it can be altered easily.   

For immediate assistance from Getaroom customer service, they can be reached via 800-HOTELS-8 (800-468-3578) available from Monday to Sunday 24-hours a day. On the other hand, to get a better assistance customers need to create an account on their website or visit their website to fill up their customer service form here.

About Getaroom is an American based online hotel reservation site based on Dallas, Texas, primaritly, the website serves as promotional website that advertised or aggregates different hotels around the world which includes some reviews about properties.

There are very limited information about the company, even their website provide limited information about their company’s profile. Fortunately, thanks to some online websites that talk about them, I also found out that Getaroom was established in 2009 by two businessmen Robert B. Diener and David Litman. Who also founded also know before as “Hotel Reservations Network”

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  800-HOTELS-8 (800-468-3578)
  • Head Office Address: Dallas, Texas, United States of America


Based on this Getaroom Review, if you are going to look on the service of Getaroom, you will find it very extensive considering the number of hotels it can offer to travelers who are looking for hotel accommodations. However, there are some flaws on their service wherein customers need to reconsider on finding an alternative.

We hope this Getaroom review helps travelers with their travel endeavours. We would like to know your opinion, What can you say about Feel free to leave a message below.


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  1. Charles Mumei

    I want to love this company, I really do. They have great room choices…BUT, if you’re expecting to have a clear conversation with their customer service after you’ve done your payments, expect to be disappointed.


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