GotoBus Reviews 2016

GotoBus Reviews 2016

GotoBus Reviews 2016 - LogoOnline travel agencies have greatly affected the way we book our flights. Gone are the days when you had to leave the house only to find the nearest travel agency had actually been closed. Such inconveniences no longer have any room in our modern world. Nowadays, almost anything can be accessed online, and that includes travel planning and booking services. Today I will present to you my new GotoBus Reviews 2016, an updated look at, a popular online travel agency or OTA.

Origins and Ownership

Founded by Jimmy Chen in the year 2000, GotoBus is an inter-city online bus ticketing system that aims to provide passengers the quickest, most affordable way to book bus tickets in several locations inside the US. The company originally started selling bus tickets online for passengers in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jimmy Chen, founder and current CEO, is also the founder of Prior to this, Chen worked as a software developer and CAD designer for various companies. He also took the role of a Senior Researcher for SolidWorks, a 3D CAD design software. Even before that, he worked as a Senior Technical Consultant for PTC.

What people are saying

Searching for GotoBus Reviews 2016 on Google, I was able to find out how people think about the company. Some users liked the fact that they were able to find bus tickets at very low prices. Other users appreciated the fact that they were able to easily book tickets using only their mobile phones.

While it does sound convenient, GotoBus also has its flaws. One customer said that the bus left an hour and a half later than the original departure time. Another user complained about the fact that passengers cannot cancel or re-schedule their trips no matter what their circumstances are. Another user said that they were forced to let their two children sit on their lap, due to the fact that the driver overbooked their bus. However, the most serious issue that I found was when the bus driver refused to let an African-American man ride the bus even though the man already had the ticket in his hands. This sort of issue should definitely be acknowledged by the GotoBus management.

GotoBus can be considered as a pioneer in the online bus ticket booking industry, so one would normally expect that their company offers great quality service. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Website

GotoBus Reviews 2016 - WebsiteTheir website features an online bus ticket booking service, a hotel booking service, a bus and hotel booking service and more. People can also search for tours and show tickets in different locations. To find bus tickets, the user has to specify their origin, destination, departure date, return date and the total number of passengers. Other features include bus tracking, trip rescheduling and PWD assistance. GotoBus has developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Now, looking at their website design, I think that it looks a little bit crowded. Too much text and images are all cramped in a single page. The most prominent colors are blue, white, and orange.

Customer Service

GotoBus Reviews 2016 - Customer ServiceGotoBus provides its customers with 24/7 customer support services. Users may call their telephone hotline: 617-354-2101. If you want to chat with a customer service representative, you may also do it by clicking here. Inquiries may also be sent via online form. You can access it by going here, and clicking on the “Ask a Question” link that can be found on the left part of the page.


The GotoBus head office is located at 2285 Massachusetts Ave #204, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA2285 Massachusetts Ave #204, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA. Ever since their founding, the company had already expanded their services list multiple times. From solely selling online bus tickets, they had started selling tour tickets in the year 2003. Then on January 2012, they started to sell their first bus and hotel packages.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +1 617-354-2101
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 617-354-2109
  • Head Office Address: 2285 Massachusetts Ave #204, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA2285 Massachusetts Ave #204, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA


After considering all the new GotoBus Reviews in 2016, I have come to the conclusion that not all popular websites deliver the high-quality service that they promise. If, for some reason, you’re in a pinch and need to grab a bus ticket as soon as possible, then maybe you can use their online bus booking system. But if not, then you’re better off with other bus ticketing systems. I mean, why not just book a bus ticket from a trusted bus company? GotoBus’ goal may sound interesting, but their implementation really needs some improvement.


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  1. Andre Hung

    Their ticket booking system tends to be laggy but luckily I never experienced a cancelled or unaccepted ticket.


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