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Hawaiian Airlines

The largest airline in Hawaii and the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States. Hawaiian Airlines operates its main hub at Honolulu International Airport and a secondary hub at Kahului Airport which is located on the island of Maui. The airline operates flights on: Asia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and the United States Mainland.

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Origins and Ownership

Hawaiian Airlines


Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest United States carrier. It’s forerunner: Inter-Island Airways, which is now known as Hawaiian Airlines was incorporated on January 30. Inter-Island Airways began operations on October 1929, which provides sightseeing flights over O’ahu; followed by scheduled services which commenced a month later (November), with flights from Honolulu to Hilo.

Hawaiian Airlines is owned by Hawaiian Holdings Inc., of which Mark B Dunkerley, is the current President and Chief Executive officer. He holds a M.Sc. in Air Transport Economics from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, and a B.Sc. in Economics from the London School of Economics. Mark B Dunkerley is a veteran performer aerobatic competitions, and was the United States Northeast Region Advanced Aerobatic Champion in 2002. He is a licensed commercial pilot.    



What people are saying

Customers must have had a nice and decent flight as they board the Hawaiian Airlines, as numbers of positive reviews are posted on some known reviews websites on the internet. Most of the reviews talks about the customer service, comfortable seats and the fast yet comfortable flight, Hawaiian Airlines has offered and provided them. Here are some of the reviews that I’ve gathered.

Hawaiian Airlines Economy

Took my Hubby to Hawaii on Business Class first time for this for us. The service was great and the food was good to. Lots of legroom but seat did not go fully down and the foot rests were very uncomfortable to rest on. As a person with a bad back I chose this option as cattle class to Vegas last year near paralysed me. Not sure it was worth the thousands extra I paid but it was definitely better than economy. Being able to get up and go to the bathroom was easier except if the person in front had reclined the seat then you had to slither between them and the TV console which was an effort. All up service, food and legroom great.”
—Kathy M (Sydney, Australia)

Hawaiian Airlines Meals
“Two years ago we flew from JFK direct to Honolulu, a very long flight. The flight attendants couldn’t be nicer, are dressed in Hawaiian clothing and Hawaiian music softly is played. They served us a meal and we flew economy. We loved it so much we are going to do it again next year.”
—LadyPA (Reading, Pennsylvania)

Hawaiian Airlines First Class
“In contrast to the future flight I would take to Kona on United..I flew Hawaiian Airlines to FIRST CLASS to Honolulu in November of 2015. I was greeted with beautiful island stewardesses with big smiles. They couldn’t do enough for me…I will only fly Hawaiian to Hawaii…they understand “customer service”…and I am thrilled to reward them for their kind attention to their customers.”
—Anita87506 (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

The Website

Hawaiian Airlines Website
A very simple, minimalistic yet colorful and full of services. This is how i describe the website’s layout as I’ve visited the Hawaiian Airlines’ website. Users will be welcomed by a beautiful photo of a green mountain-island that sits calmly with the sea; this–together with the purple and violet tabs and panels of the layout, really complements the websites white background. The website allows the user to book a flight, make a hotel reservation, check for car rental services, do an online check-in and check their flight status. The website also shows some of the airline’s travel packages and other promotional advertisements, which you can read as you scroll down through the web page in which you can reach by clicking this link.  

Contact information

  • Website URL: https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/
  • Contact number: +1 808 835 37 00 / + 1 800 367 53 20
  • Contact Email: akimseu@hawaiianair.com
  • Fax Number: +1 808 835 36 90
  • Head Office Address: P.O. Box 30008 Honolulu, Hawaii 96820, USA

Hawaiian Airlines Logo


An elegant website that provides quality services, clean facilities and beautiful food. It’s like having a small glimpse of the warm and courteous hospitality of the small yet beautiful island of Hawaii. With their comfortable seats, courteous staff and delicious meals and snacks, travelling with Hawaiian Airlines is surely a delightful one.


2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Reviews 2016

  1. ariku

    The airline has provided great services when me and my family are traveling to Maui, it was a short trip but it was convenient and fun. Staff were polite and the seats were okay. We’ll fly again soon.

  2. Chris

    The airline was polite to transfer me to another seat as i was complaining about the stiffness of the seat i was sitting. They relocate me to a better seat with free snacks as a complimentary gesture. They were so kind and polite. Will fly again soon.


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