Helsinki Vantaa Airport Reviews

Helsinki Vantaa Airport Reviews

Helsinki Vantaa Airport Reviews - ExteriorFinland is truly a wonderful country to visit. Whether you’re a nature fan or an artist looking for inspiration, Finland can offer you everything that you might need and want. Visitors coming from overseas may one day find themselves walking inside a small terminal by the name of Helsinki Vantaa Airport. This airport is located in Vantaa, a city 5 kilometers away from the heart of Helsinki. In this article, we will be looking at different Helsinki Vantaa Airport Reviews to see if this particular airport is worthy of welcoming Finland’s visitors.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Passengers who have visited Helsinki Vantaa Airport are saying that the terminal is compact yet spacious. Fast and efficient, its passengers are able to move from one gate to another. The large glass windows offer a nice view of the tarmac. Clearing the security is also a breeze, with less than 20 minutes of screening time.

However, what people seemed to like the most from this airport was the WiFi speed. It was fast. People were able to connect to the internet without all the hassle that one usually has to go through when connecting to an airport’s WiFi. The stores were also great and offered a lot of interesting stuff that you can bring home with you.

Airport Aesthetics and Facilities

Helsinki Vantaa Airport Reviews - InteriorThe airport provides several help desks located at different areas around the airport. The clerks are knowledgeable and are more than willing to help people with their issues and inquiries. The restrooms are pristine, with very useful features such as baby changing facilities. Also, if you listen closely, you can hear different bird sounds from the speakers. This can be very relaxing!

Those traveling with kids can be at ease knowing that their little ones will be able to run around the playrooms. These child-friendly areas are located at the airport’s departure level.

As for the WiFi, the speed is exceptionally fast for an airport. Connectivity is free and reliable, and you will be able to access the network fairly easily.

How To Get There

There are several ways to get to the airport terminal. People coming from the Helsinki City Centre can ride the Ring Rail Line train which is directly connected to the airport. Buses are also available for passengers. The Finnair City Bus and Line 615 run between the airport and the Helsinki Railway station. During weekdays, passengers coming from the Hakaniemi market square may ride Line 617. Shuttle buses and taxi cabs are there to serve the passengers.

Location, Traffic and Services

With over 15 million annual passengers, three runways and the capability to accommodate larger aircraft, Helsinki Vantaa Airport is recognized as being the most vital airport of Finland. The airport acts as the main hub for Finnish airlines Blue1 and Finnair.

Helsinki Vantaa is divided into two major terminals: the Domestic/T1 and International/T2 terminals. Both terminals house a growing number of food & drinks areas, ATMs, playrooms, pharmacies and other amenities for the convenience of the passengers.

Terminal Map

Helsinki Vantaa Airport Reviews - Terminal Map

An Extensive Upgrade

A large-scale terminal expansion is currently on-going. This ambitious improvement will be finished by the year 2020 and a total of US$1.2 billion will be spent. Improvement plans include the upgrading of retail facilities inside the T2, a renovation of the terminal apron and the construction of the South Wing.


The Helsinki Vantaa Airport has received numerous awards on account of its exceptional services. In 2015, the airport was recognized as the 2nd Best Airport in Europe. In 2013, SkyTrax has given the airport the Best Airport in Northern Europe award. In 2011, they were also awarded for having the Best Lounge in the World.

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Considering the airport’s modern amenities, friendly staff, notable efficiency and the management’s attention to detail, I can say that Helsinki Vantaa Airport deserves all the positive reviews that it gets. For people who are planning to visit Finland, this airport will definitely give you a nice, warm welcome.


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  1. bob parker

    Transiting through Helsinki Vantaa was fast. It took only 15 minutes to complete the entire security, baggage, and check-in process. Admirable, I hope airports in the US would copy this efficiency.


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