Holidaycheck Reviews

Holidaycheck Reviews

Holidaycheck Reviews LogoTraveling the world has countless benefits to both our mind and body. Besides improving your cardiovascular health, it also lowers your stress levels and may even help improve depression. Not only that, traveling is known to increase creativity, improve problem solving skills and promote overall mental health.

With all these, it’s no wonder that so many people are rushing to buy tickets that will allow them to visit whichever country they wish. This has also lead to an increase in online travel agencies. However, not everyone makes the right choice, as some OTAs are good while others are not so much. Today, we will take a look at Holidaycheck and some Holidaycheck reviews to assess this OTA’s genuinity.

Background and Ownership

Holidaycheck Reviews Gilles DespasBack in 1999, the website was formed by students who would like to know whether a certain hotel is worth it or not. It is because of this that Holidaycheck started out as a hotel review website. Originally a private website, Holidaycheck turned into a start-up business in the year 2003.

Since May 2012, the CEO of Holidaycheck has been Gilles Despas. A Master of Business Administration graduate from ESSEC Business School, Despas used to work for Air France, Ebookers and Snapfish. In Air France, he started as deputy area manager,  then became a marketing manager and finally a country manager. He then worked as Vice President Managing Director for Ebookers.  Then, he became the international managing director.

People’s Opinions on Holidaycheck

Unfortunately, is not a very popular website, after searching for Holidaycheck reviews, I was able to find few verified customers who have used the OTA before. Sadly, they did not seem to enjoy the experience. Here are some of their comments.
One customer booked a hotel for one person in Sevilla, Spain. But then, when he checked his credit card, he was surprised to see that the Holidaycheck took two payments, which made totally no sense. The customer contacted his bank which told him that they would try and take the money back, but nothing happened. “Has anyone else dealt with these pickpockets??!!”, he asked.

Another customer left a bad review. According to him, after accidentally duplicating a reservation, he immediately requested for a cancellation. However, Holidaycheck charged him with a 1,200 EUR fee.

The Website

Holidaycheck Reviews WebsiteHolidaycheck is a hotel finder and hotel review website. They also feature travel pictures and trivia to entice people to travel the world. Their website’s most predominant color is blue, which is relaxing for the eyes. On their homepage, you will immediately notice the large background picture featuring a certain tourist spot. On the left hand side, you will find the ‘Hotel Finder’ form, which requires customers to input their desired destination and person/people you will be traveling with.

Unlike other OTA websites where you can do a web check-in, no such feature can be found here. Additionally, Holidaycheck developed a mobile app for the iOS and Android.

Customer Service

For booking questions, reservations and other inquiries, customers may refer to this page or they may email Holidaycheck here:


Holidaycheck is a German-language hotel booking and reviews website that was founded in 1999 and is based in Bottighofen, Switzerland. Currently, the company employs roughly 240 employees to help with day-to-day business operations.

Contact Details

Unreliable, Inauthentic and Risky Website

Based on the Holidaycheck reviews I’ve found, it is evident that the Holidaycheck management does not put their customer’s welfare first. With so many complaints about accidental charges and expensive fees, it can be a bit disturbing to think that this hotel agency is still in use today.

What do you think? Have you booked with Holidaycheck before? Tell us your experience!


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  1. Jay

    These “accidental” extra fees are more likely agents trying to grab their share of cash in a most unscrupulous way.


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