Iraqi Airways Review

Iraqi Airways Review

2000px-Iraqi_Airways_Logo.svgThe airline was established in 1945 initially with only a handful of propeller-powered aircraft which greatly serve as the lifeblood of the airline, and as the decades passed, jet engine powered aircraft were introduced as an initial investment of the airline to modernize their entire fleet. Unfortunately, the airline modernization was not long-lived when the Iraq war broke and the airline was heavily affected by economic sanctions.

In this Iraqi Airways review, we give travelers an overview of the national carrier airline of Iraq. We are also going to read some customer reviews that will summarize the airline’s service.

There are very limited customer reviews about this airline, and based on the limited reviews available, it seems Iraqi Airways is haunted by different complaints regarding their service. Moreover, passengers described their experience with the airline as “miserable”. In addition to that, as claimed by passengers, their flight attendants were rude and unprofessional.  As a matter of fact, the airline’s flights are always delayed or cancelled. Looking back at all the feedback about them, passengers want people to stay away to their service.

The Website

U1SVIr2Honestly, the airline’s website is a bit unresponsive, but in terms of functionality, it offers an array of useful features which can help travelers with their journey using the airline. Moreover, using the website’s search panel, customers can book their flights based on their preferred criteria, as a matter of fact, they can book either one-way or multiple cities flights.

They also offer a wide range of promotional economy flight fares available in different destinations in the Middle East  and Europe. Actually, their website is not only useful for commercial flight service, but also for their cargo service. Learn more about their website here.

Unfortunately, unlike other major airlines, Iraqi Airways does not provide any mobile application program which can be used to book and manage flights using customer’s smartphone. As an alternative, the airline offers a 24-hour customer service hotline available 7 days a week via +964 1 537 20 02. Passengers can also visit their website to learn more about their different service hotlines.

About Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways is the national flag carrier of  the Republic of Iraq. The airline is also one of the oldest airlines in the Middle East which operates domestic and international flights from its main hub at Baghdad International Airport. As a matter of fact, Iraqi Airways is one of the founding members of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

The airline has a total of 31 aircraft in active service composed mainly of Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft. Iraqi Airways is currently suffering from aging fleets, that’s why in 2008 they started their modernization program to update their fleet and to further expand their service.

At the same year, Iraqi Airways also changed their old green livery — which is associated with the former dictator of the country, Saddam Hussein — to a new blue-colored livery. However, in 2012, the airline reverted the airline livery into green, which is now being applied to their entire fleet.

Flight services of the airline, on the other hand, vary with passenger’s flight class. Moreover, the airline offers only two flight classes: first class and economy flight class.

Contact information


Based on this Iraqi Airways review, honestly, it’s really very difficult to evaluate the airline’s service due to the very limited customer reviews about them. Add to that, the airline seems under difficult times due to their aging fleet. But on the second thought, we cannot disregard some issues thrown against them especially their poor treatment to their customers which is very unacceptable.

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  1. allison1994

    While it is true that their planes are a bit old, the in-flight services are still up to par with most airlines nowadays.


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