Is JustFly Legit?

As online travel agencies continue to fluorish, one may wonder, ‘How do we know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid?’ In this post, we’re going to talk about JustFly. This online travel agency has been around only since the early 2014. Is JustFly legit? Before you book from them, let’s find out how this company handles its customers.

About JustFly

JutFly is a US-based online travel agency that launched on February of 2014. The company claims to provide the cheapest flight tickets among other OTAs and direct ticket sellers. While still relatively new, the company has grown a lot. now sells hotel room bookings and even tickets to cruise trips.
It has a partnership with more than 400 airlines and thousands of accommodation and cruise companies around the world. These direct international connections are what allows the company to provide affordable booking prices. While not much is found on the website itself, a deeper digging showed us that JustFly is also associated with a few other online travel agencies.

How do they do it?

JustFly uses a similar strategy that other OTAs do. After partnering up with a direct ticket seller, they get direct access to the unsold airline seats, hotel rooms, and cruise tickets. Instead of letting them go to waste, the suppliers sell them at a much lower price. One thing that separates JustFly from other online travel agencies is the fact that they created their own infrastructure which help them purchase these unsold ticket before any other unassociated OTAs can.

Is JustFly secure?

Is JustFly Secure?

Nobody wants to purchase tickets from an unregistered company. Fortunately, JustFly is a registered organization. This can be proven by their thousands of previous customers. As mentioned earlier, JustFly has developed their own system which is constantly monitored and updated by their engineers.
As per the writing of this article, no customer has yet to complain about their personal information getting leaked. Still, before you make your purchase, we suggest that you are connected to a secure network to prevent third party organizations from getting a hold of your credit card details.

How to contact JustFly

If you need to get in touch with this online travel agency, you may do so by calling their phone numbers or via their social media pages.

It’s important to read their Privacy Policy page before you contact JustFly.


JustFly is a new contender in the OTA industry. Despite this, we can say that people are happy with what they receive. JustFly, despite being a reseller, manages to offer the most budget-friendly tickets out there. The company’s connections have served them well. If you’re the type of person who constantly looks for promo tickets and seat sales, we suggest that you check them out. This company has stuck to its ‘no-frills’ promise by giving their customers the access to the world without having to worry about spending a fortune on tickets.

Is JustFly legit? Its important to look past the fake reviews while also understanding the fact that this company is not a supplier. JustFly is perfect for backpackers, business travelers, and those who need emergency tickets and accommodations to a certain place. Looking at the past reviews, we can conclude that JustFly is a legit online travel agency. The prices may be cheap but the service is certainly stellar for an online travel agency.
What do you think of Have you purchased tickets from them, or are you planning to? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment on the section below!


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